Choose One! Review


Choose One! is a game by Andrew Looney published by Looney Labs.  The game is a party game that plays 3-10 players.  In the game, you are given 2 cards, one with a white side and one with a purple side.  To begin each player is dealt 5 cards each.  From the 5 cards, you Choose One to play.  On the card is a choice of 2 answers, one at the top of the card with a white background and one at the bottom with a purple background.  For example, Spiderman or Hulk, a question that sparked controversy at our game table.  The idea is to guess what the person playing the card would answer by basically choosing one of the answers.  This is done by placing your chosen color of answer card face down on the table.  Then the chooser reveals their answer and everyone reveals their choices. If the chooser is able to stump everyone they score 2 points.  If one person and the chooser match answers, they each score 1 point.  The chooser then draws a card and play continues around the table until someone wins.  The first person to reach the winner space on the board wins.  It’s just that simple.


The points are scored on a small board that is numbered 1-10 with a start and winner space.   I absolutely love the board.  It’s small enough that it folds up nicely into the box.  The bright colors are very appealing.  There are TONS of cards in this box.  Enough so you never run out of choices, but just in case there are blank ones that you can right your own choices on.  They literally thought of everything.  The cards are sturdy enough that even with us slamming our answer cards down onto the table each time, there was no evidence of wear showing.  Finally the best part, the player pieces.  There is a mish mash of different tiny objects that come with a small black bag for carrying them in.  It was hard choosing which piece to use as they were all so cool.  Of course with my love for zombies, I had to use the BRAINS!!!  All in all, the components are top notch.  With my love of Doctor Who, I now want to find a tiny little T.A.R.D.I.S to add to the pieces.
10 out of 10

The rules are small and condesed into only a few pages with pictures included.  They are very easy to understand.  What more can I say.
10 out of 10

For a party game, this is absolutely the best I’ve ever played.  I’m not usually one for party games either, but this game is awesome.  Immediately after playing through it once, everyone wanted to play it again.  My son was even able to get his mom in on the action for a couple of games.  Needless to say there was much laughter and fun had by all.  With the slamming of each answer card down onto the table, I understand now why there is an exclamation point in the game title.
10 out of 10

Choose One! is a fantastic party game that even non-gamers will like.  I can’t imagine a party that this game would not work at.  It appeals to all ages and has lots of fun packed into a small box.  At any price this is a game that no party should be with out.  I can’t recommend it high enough.
10 out of 10




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