Loonacy Review


Loonacy is a game by Andrew Looney published by Looney Labs. It is for 2-5 players. In this game, players race to empty their hand of cards by matching one of two images on the card in their hand with the images on cards in front of them. To begin, the deck is shuffled and each players is given 7 cards. Then a few cards are placed face up on the table, determined by the amount of players. The more players, the fewer the piles. At this point, the game begins and players simultaneously begin matching images on the cards in their hand with cards on the table. They have to be quick though because what was there a second ago, might not be there now, as players are constantly laying down cards onto the piles. Once a player has no more matches, they must reach their hand out towards the deck and wait for the other players to do the same. Cards are drawn and players try to match the newly drawn card with the stacks. This all continues until one person places the last card from their hand, thus emptying their hand and winning the game.

The only components for this game is a set of cards. That said, they are sturdy and look fantastic. Each card has the kind of artwork that Looney Labs is known for. They are the same size as are used in Fluxx. As a matter of fact, it looks to me like many of the images have been borrowed from different versions of Fluxx, but that’s fine with me. I love the artwork, so I LOVE these cards.
9 out of 10

The rulebook is actually more of a rules paper. Just like in the Fluxx games, the rules are on a single over-sized and folded sheet of paper that fits nicely into the box. The rules are easy to understand and have images of how to set up the stacks for different amounts of players. Although they are black and white, there is a nice color image of the game on the back. Like always, great rules.
9 out of 10

What can I say, this game is really fast and really fun. A normal game might last up to 10 minutes with the max amount of players, but that’s pushing it. Normally we were done in less than 5 minutes. So of course, we wanted to play it again. It takes a quick eye and even quicker hands to get your cards played before everyone else plays on the stack that you needed to play on. The frustration of missing the connection is a laugh out loud moment for me, every time.
10 out of 10

Loonacy is a very light and fast game of pattern recognition. One thing I learned in playing this game was to set my hand up so that i could see the small images of each card. That helped me to be able to scan over what was in my hand to what was on the table quicker. Using that technique, I won several games. I can say that this game never failed to make me smile, any time I played it. If you’re looking for a quick, easy to learn and fun filler game, this is the one. Pick it up today. It’s well worth it.
10 out of 10




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