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Just got these two great looking games by Rightgames all the way from Russia.  Thought they might have sent some snow along with the games, but I guess not.  Can’t wait to get these on the table and give them a play.

On a personal note, I realize that there haven’t been any reviews this week.  It seems that life conspires against us sometimes, as I’ve just not had any time to get games played.  I hope to rectify that next week and have lots of reviews to make up for the lack this week.  In any case, please bear with me.  I appreciate everyone’s patience and hope to at least get one review to end the week with tomorrow.  Thanks and GAME ON!!!!


About Gaming Bits - Jonathan Nelson

I'm a happily married man with 2 wonderful kids. I love my family very much. I'm a big fan of board, card and RPG games and have been playing for over 20 years. As a board and card game reviewer, I'm hoping that this blog will inform, educate and entertain you. If you like it, please tell your friends and have them join in on the conversations. Thanks and GAME ON!!
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