The Broken Token’s King of Tokyo Box Organizer product review


Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from The Broken Token. That product was the King of Tokyo Box Organizer. I received this product for free.  I received it in the mail and quickly tore open the thick manila envelope to find all that I needed to put this product together. Inside was a white plastic envelope with a big label announcing what I was lucky enough to have in my hands, also there was a sheet of instructions and a business card for the company. In my haste I forgot to take pictures of the actual product pre-construction. I did however remember to take pictures of the envelope and the product post construction. Anyway, let me explain exactly what the product does. Well, if you hadn’t figured it out by now, the King of Tokyo Box Organizer from The Broken Token is a thin wooden organizer that fits into the original King of Tokyo game box and makes it possible for you to put all the pieces from the original game as well as the 2 expansions inside. Having had to lug around all 3 boxes for quite some time has been rather annoying as the small boxes almost always tend to slide off onto the floor/ground. Nothing more aggravating than that. Receiving this I felt would be a godsend. No more dropped boxes. No more juggling boxes to and from the car. Now the only problem was that it had to be assembled.

Normally in this section I describe all the different pieces of the game. This time I will describe the packaging and item itself. As i described earlier, everything came in a thick flat envelope of bubble wrap. I’m very pleased with how it arrived. Nothing out of place and everything still together. The thin sheets of wood are easily removed from the framework of each sheet. There’s even a branded piece that goes in the removable box for the tokens and energy cubes. A very nice touch indeed. The wood is very nice and looks really well inside the box. The only thing that you might need to provide to put this together is a small crafting knife, some glue and a piece of sandpaper. I didn’t have much need for any of this as everything went together extremely well. Component wise, this organizer is GREAT!
10 out of 10

Instead of a rule book, we get a sheet of instructions. Everything is easily understood and explained perfectly well. I had no trouble putting the organizer together from the example pictures and straightforward instructions. Having put together many wooden things from tables, chairs and even bookcases, these instructions were super simple to follow.
10 out of 10

Instead of giving my thoughts on how a the game played, I’ll explain the process of putting the organizer together. As I’ve stated earlier, it was super simple. Everything fit together nicely and was no problem at all. It only took about 15 minutes or so to get everything done so that I could stick it into my game box and add the pieces. Everything looked extremely nice inside and there is very little added weight to the game box. The lid closes well even with the rule book and the board laying on top. I was afraid that there might be a problem closing the lid, but that fear was unfounded. Everything about this organizer screams high quality. I really like how that the dice hide nicely underneath the removable tray for the energy cubes and tokens. There’s plenty of room for the standups to be placed on their bases and still fit all them inside. The cards have plenty of extra room for even more expansions. This thing is GREAT! I can truly say that I LOVE this organizer as it has made my life so much simpler, at least when it comes to playing King of Tokyo.
10 out of 10

The King of Tokyo Box Organizer from the Broken Token is a marvel of engineering. I love how smoothly everything went together and fit the box perfectly. I don’t know how I got by without having it. I HIGHLY recommend anyone that has King of Tokyo and any of the expansions to get one of these IMMEDIATELY! It’s well worth it. You will NOT be disappointed. This is a joy to look at and a pleasure to have inside the box. Do yourself a favor, BUY IT NOW!!!
10 out of 10

For more information about this and other products, please check out The Broken Token at their site.


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  1. XmasDolly says:

    You write very precise and to the point. Most bloggers would probably move on unless they were a gamer such as yourself. Educate? That’s exactly what you’re doing, but not sure the SAHM are ready for all that. Maybe you ought to focus on the SAHD’s or even the retired set that are into gaming. Hmmmm Having you tried forums yet? You could get a lot of traffic that way for sure. Just a thought. You definitely need a button though. Send me your logo and I’ll see what I can do for you. Have a great day! Would love to see a picture of you family one day. You should do a Post on them. Wouldn’t hurt.

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