Ascension: Rise of Vigil Review


Ascension: Rise of Vigil is a game by Justin Gary, published by Stone Blade Entertainment. It is for 2-4 players, but can be played solo. There are currently 6 versions/expansions to Ascension. They are Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, Ascension: Immortal Heroes, Ascension: Return of the Fallen, Ascension: Storm of Souls, Ascension: Darkness Unleashed and Rise of Vigil. This version can also be played with previous installments of Ascension with a few minor adjustments that are covered in the rules. In this game, players will be building their decks by acquiring heroes and defeating monsters. The player who is best able to do this will be the winner.

To start, each player is given 8 apprentice, 2 militia and 1 energy shard card. Those cards are shuffled together and the player draws 5 cards. The Heavy Infantry, Mystic and Cultist cards are placed on their spots on the game board. The rest of the cards are shuffled together and form the center deck. The first 6 cards are drawn and played face up on the board in a row. If a Treasure card is drawn, another card is drawn until a non-treasure card is drawn. All Treasure cards are placed underneath the new card. Next a number of the large red and small white Honor tokens are placed on the table, determined by the number of players. Play can now begin.

The first player will now play cards from their hand to gain runes, power and energy. Playing them they will be able to acquire more powerful heroes with runes, defeat monsters with power which will give honor and activate special abilities with energy. Some heroes like constructs will remain in play and provide abilities once conditions have been met, usually by playing enough energy cards or hero cards that provide energy. Some monsters have a special reward called Trophy. This allows the player to hold onto the special ability from that card till they decide to use it. Once the player can no longer acquire heroes, defeat monsters or power up any more cards, they will end their turn, discarding all the cards and drawing five cards to replenish their hand. Play passes to the next player. This continues back and forth until a certain amount of honor has been earned dependent upon the number of players.


The components of this game are great. The cards are really nice quality and are made for lots of play. They have some really unique artwork that you won’t find anywhere else. I absolutely love the designs. They look and feel great. The board is a great tool for getting everything all lined up, especially for the new player who might now know how to set everything up. It’s top notch quality and I love it. The Honor tokens are really cool looking gemstones. There are large red ones worth 5 points and smaller white/clear ones worth 1 point. They are really nice and help to keep track of the game scoring in a really simple and fun way. All in all, I absolutely love looking at this game.
10 out of 10

The rulebook is in color and very well done. The rules are easy to read and understand. Each card type is covered in great detail with great artwork, just like the cards. There are plenty of pictures that look absolutely great. There’s even an example of how to set up the game. The designer even added a couple of extra variations on gameplay to include team and even solo play. Really great rulebook. Very well done.
10 out of 10

This game is SO much fun to play. I absolutely love playing it. The chief mechanic of the game is deck building and I ADORE deck building. This game really excels as a deck builder. It plays great solo or against other players. It’s not a long game to play and is very easy to teach. I can’t say enough good things about it. This is definitely got to be one of my top, if not THE top, game in my collection at present. I don’t see me ever getting tired of playing it. It is just SO much fun. Great gameplay.
10 out of 10

Ascension: Rise of Vigil is a light to medium weight deck builder. It’s is a lot of fun to play and I LOVE it. The art is great. The design and flow of the game is great. It’s just a really GREAT game. Anyone that likes deck building games like Dominion, the DC deck builder or Marvel Legendary will absolutely fall head over heels in love with this one. I highly recommend it. It will work with new and old players alike. If you haven’t tried Ascension before, this is a great one to pick up. It’s also great that if you like it, there are 5 more versions/expansions that you can add to it if you want. Which you will want to. I already do. They’re like Pokemon, I gotta catch ’em all! BUY THIS GAME!!! You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.
10 out of 10



For more information about this and other games, please check out Stone Blade Entertainment at their site.



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