Laundry Jumble Game Review


Laundry Jumble Game is a game by Mary Jo Reutter, published by Educational Insights. It is for 2-4 players. In this game, players will be reaching into the dryer to pull out articles of clothing to match cards. The player that is able to match the most cards will be declared the winner.

To begin, simply place all the articles of clothing into the large vinyl dryer. The cards are all shuffled together. Everything is placed for easy access to all players. Play now begins.

On a player’s turn, they will take the top card from off of the deck. On the card will be an animal with a piece of clothing. The player will then reach their hand into the dryer and without peeking feel around to try to find the matching article of clothing. If it’s a match, they get to keep the card. If it doesn’t match, they must put the card at the bottom of the deck. Players must be careful not to pull out the spotted skunk’s underwear. If they accidentally pick this piece of clothing, they have to return one of their cards to the bottom of the deck. Each turn the item of clothing must be returned to the dryer for the next player. This continues back and forth until all the game cards are gone from the draw deck. Once this happens, the game is over. Simply count up each player’s cards. The player with the most cards is the winner.


I have to say, these are some of the cutest and most unique components that I’ve ever seen. There are 11 articles of clothing, including the dreaded skunk’s underwear. These clothes are doll sized and are very sturdy and cute. I really get a kick out of the spotted underwear. The cards are very sturdy and will take lots of game play. The artwork of the animals is very cute and humorous. The vinyl and cloth dryer is really a neat piece. It’s big enough that an adult can get their hand inside. That’s good as my daughter makes me play this one a lot. I have to say I really love the components to this one. I only have one small gripe. I was missing the blue fairy wings from my copy. I contacted customer service and they responded back. I sent them the requested info and days later, haven’t heard back from them. Don’t know if that means they’re sending the piece or if they ignored me. Either way, it’s not that big a deal, as we have simply set aside those cards that show the wings on them. It’s only 3 or 4 cards so it just makes the game a little faster, which is fine.
9 out of 10

The rulebook for this one isn’t very large. It’s only a couple of pages. It has French, German and Spanish rules as well. There’s some cute artwork showing the skunk holding his underwear that I just can’t help but laugh at. Everything here is simple to read and understand. Once read, it can be set aside and not touched again. Unless you’re like me and just want to see that skunk picture again.
10 out of 10

This game is a hoot! My daughter absolutely LOVES playing this one. As a matter of fact, she asks to play it almost every day. I’m not sure if it’s the clothes or the funny cards, but she loves it either way. It’s not a game that will take a very long time to play. Most times it’s about 10 minutes or so to play. Every time the underwear gets pulled out, my daughter and I break out into laughter. She’ll let me know about it too. “Daddy, you got the stinky skunk underwear!” Good times, good times. Yes, I sometimes pull the underwear just for that same reaction. What can I say, I love that.
10 out of 10

Laundry Jumble Game is a light game of matching cards and clothes. It’s a really fun game that I enjoy playing with my daughter. As I’ve already said, she LOVES it. She usually wants to take it to the grandparent’s house. As a matter of fact, they’ve gotten a kick out of playing it with her as well. This is truly a family game that the smallest of kids can play. It encourages tactile exploration and fine motor skills. It teaches matching and recognition skills as well. This is a really great game that I highly recommend. It’s great for parents of young children. The kids will absolutely love it. I have to say this is my daughter’s favorite game. I’m glad. I was getting a little tired of Dora. This is a definite buy for parents. Now, let’s see what I got this time…..the skunk’s underwear again?!! Silly skunk.
10 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Educational Insights at their site.

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