The Broken Token’s Unsleeved Card Game Box Organizer product review


Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from The Broken Token. That product was the Unsleeved Card Game Box Organizer. I received this product for free.  It came in a thick manila envelope. Inside was a white plastic envelope with a big label and a sheet of instructions. On that really large label  was the words Broken Token and a description of what I had just received.

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Now then, let me explain exactly what the product is and does. First off, this is for any of the Fantasy Flight Living Card Games such as Netrunner, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings card games, etc… This particular one will be used for The Call of Cthulhu Card Game. A game that I’m rather fond of and my first venture into the LCG market. This box organizer, once assembled will sort and organize all the different factions and other types of cards that the game uses really well. I chose the unsleeved card game box organizer as I don’t usually sleeve my cards. I know, I can hear you now. “WHAT!!! You don’t SLEEVE your CARDS?!!” No, I don’t, at least not yet anyway. Maybe one day I will but that’s just not something I’ve seen fit to do at this time. Anyway, this organizer from The Broken Token is a thin wooden organizer that fits into the original LCG game box, in this case my Call of Cthulhu game box. It makes it possible for you to put all the cards from the original game and the little Cthulhu vinyl statues inside as well as any big box expansions or small asylum packs that you might purchase. This is great for adding lots of cards to your games. This is a really great product and everything fits nice and neat inside. So first, lets look at what you get, 3 wooden unpunched sheets to assemble.

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So here’s a step by step process. If you want the exact instructions, check out the sheet that comes with your organizer. This is just my short and sweet version. First off what you’re gonna do is take the long side piece and the four grooved pieces and gently but firmly put them together. Make sure that you have all the grooves in the grooved pieces and the divots in the end piece all facing up. See below.

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Once you’ve got that together. You’re gonna put the other end piece on. Again making sure that everything lines up and that the divots are all facing up. See below.  Note the Broken Token brand on the inside.

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All that’s left now is to put it inside the box and insert the card dividers as you see fit and this bad boy’s ready to rock. Here’s the finished product.  See how nicely everything fits inside.

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Normally in this section I describe all the different pieces of the game. This time I will describe the packaging and item itself. As i described earlier, everything came in a thick flat envelope of bubble wrap. I’m very pleased with how it arrived. Nothing out of place and everything still together. The thin sheets of wood are easily removed from the framework of each sheet. As you can tell from the pictures above the Broken Token brand is on the inside of the organizer. It’s a really nice touch that I simply love. The wood is very nice and looks really well inside the box. The only thing that you might need to provide to put this together is a small crafting knife, some glue and a piece of sandpaper. I didn’t have much need for any of this as everything went together extremely well. Component wise, this organizer is GREAT!
10 out of 10


Instead of a rule book, we get a sheet of instructions. Everything is easily understood and explained perfectly well. I had no trouble putting the organizer together from the example pictures and straightforward instructions. As you can tell from my instructions above, there’s not a lot to do here. These instructions were super simple to follow. There’s nothing too hard about the assembly. Anyone can do it. That’s why I love the Broken Token.
10 out of 10


Instead of giving my thoughts on how a the game played, I’ll explain the process of putting the organizer together. As I’ve stated earlier, it was super simple. Everything fit together nicely and was no problem at all. It only took a few minutes and everything was done. Everything looks extremely nice inside and there’s plenty of room for lots more cards as you can tell. I have an extra starter set and one big box expansion and there’s STILL lots more room. There is very little added weight to the game box with the organizer and cards inside. The lid closes well even with the rule book and the board laying on top. I was afraid that there might be a problem closing the lid, but that isn’t a problem. I’m able to get my small game board without even noticing it. I think it’s from the smaller sides so that you can fit it in on top. Everything about this organizer screams high quality. I really like how that the dividers can move as you need them to for more or less cards of a certain type. If you want more dividers for the organizer, those can be purchased from the Broken Token as well. There’s plenty of room for the little Cthulhu statues to be placed inside, including the extra set that I got. As I’ve stated earlier, the cards have plenty of extra room. This thing is GREAT! I absolutely LOVE how easy the Broken Token makes everything to put together. It’s simple, easy and fun. I love having this for my game.
10 out of 10


Unsleeved Card Game Box Organizer from the Broken Token is a great piece of craftsmanship. I love how smoothly everything went together and fit the box perfectly. It’s great for organizing your LCGs and it keeps everything in place. For those that prefer to sleeve your cards, there’s even an organizer for sleeved cards as well. It appears to have the same set up and instructions as this one. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that has one of the many Fantasy Flight LCGs. It’s well worth the money and it looks really awesome to boot. Also, you won’t be disappointed in the customer service from the Broken Token. They’re great and will take care of your every need. I can’t say enough good things about the organizer or the Broken Token. You will NOT be disappointed in this purchase at all. This is a joy to look at and a pleasure to have inside my game box. Do yourself a favor, BUY IT NOW!!! You will NOT regret it.
10 out of 10


For more information about this and other products, please check out The Broken Token at their site.

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