The Broken Token’s DnDeeples product review


Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from The Broken Token. I received this product for free.  That product was the DnDeeples. They came in a thick manila envelope with individual baggies for each color.

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Now then, let me explain exactly what the product is and what it does. First off, this is for the Lords of Waterdeep game from Wizards of the Coast and it’s expansion the Scoundrels of Skullport. This game is absolutely my favorite, at the moment. These pieces replace the 100 Adventurer cubes that come with the game. There are 25 of each color. Each one represents a different character class; orange is for fighters, black is for rogues, purple is for wizards and white is for clerics. The thing that makes these unique is that each one of these pieces look like the character class that they represent. The fighter has a sword and helmet. The rogues has a hood and daggers. The wizard has a wizard hat and a staff. The cleric has a helm and a mace. That’s a basic description of the product.

Normally in this section I describe all the different pieces of the game. This time I will describe the packaging and item itself. As i described earlier, everything came in a thick flat envelope of bubble wrap. I’m very pleased with how it arrived. Nothing out of place and everything bagged separately, all nice and neat. Each set of 25 deeples were individually bagged by color. They are made of high quality 1/4″ cast acrylic. Each one of these is very nicely sculpted. They are all brightly colored and look amazing. They are a little bit smaller than the cubes that came with the game but work great anyway. They all fit nicely inside the organizing tray inside the game box. So there’s no need to worry about them not fitting. Really great looking pieces.
10 out of 10


There are no instructions needed or rulebooks to these. Simply replace the wooden cubes that came with the game and use them exactly the same way. Easy as pie.

There was nothing to put together or assemble, so no need for anything in this section.

The DnDeeples from the Broken Token are truly amazing pieces. They look fabulous and fit in with the theme of the game remarkably well. As you can tell from the pictures, they look nice with the game too. I HIGHLY recommend these for anyone that owns Lords of Waterdeep. These are a 100% MUST HAVE! You don’t realize how much these make a difference in your game until you play with these pieces. They make all the difference in the world. They don’t feel like components as much as adventurers that you’re recruiting to help your guild out. They have increased my love of my favorite game exponentially. I didn’t think I could love the game anymore than I already did, but these really are the icing on the cake. I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed in this purchase. Like with all the Broken Token items, you will truly LOVE these. BUY them NOW!!! You won’t regret it.
10 out of 10

For more information about this and other products, please check out The Broken Token at their site.


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