RPG Review of Toolcards: Fantasy


Toolcards: Fantasy is a RPG accessory by Jim Pinto, published by Post World Games. This is a gaming accessory that is usable by most any RPG player, but is best if used by a DM. As the Designer states in the downloadable guide, “these cards are designed to inspire”. There is so much information available to be used with these cards. They can inspire a short adventure or help a DM fill their world with more believable people. These cards can breathe life into a gaming world with only a shuffle and draw of the cards. Each card has some pertinent information like names, jobs, locations, monsters, magic items, sights/sounds and pieces of conversations. There are even dice rolls on the cards for when the DM doesn’t have the time to roll, or God forbid, he forgot them. The cards highlight everything from characters to quests and traps. There is so much versatility and use from these cards. Need help coming up with a background for you character? Not anymore, deal out some cards and see what happens. Players asking what phase of the moon or constellations are in the sky, draw a card. The possibilities are limitless. This is absolutely one of the most intriguing RPG accessory that I’ve ever seen. That’s why I knew that I had to review this product. There is really no limit to how these cards can be used. Need to know how to make a NPC react to the player characters? Draw a card and see for yourself. Everything that a DM needs is included on these cards. You literally can not go wrong with this set.


The cards are really cool. They are really sturdy and will take lots of shuffling. As I’ve stated earlier, there’s SO much information that is available for a DM to use. The different types of cards are color coded to help you out. There are character, cults, dooms, interrogation, potions, quests, traps, undead, wards and wilderness. That’s just the cards that come in this version. There is now a Toolcards 2 that adds EVEN MORE! As if there wasn’t enough to love about this set already. Everything is laid out really nicely and the artwork on the cards is really cool looking. I really like how easy it is to just grab a card and let your imagination run off on a new campaign story.
9 out of 10

The guide is not included with the cards but as I stated earlier, is easily downloaded for free. Inside is lots of various ways to use the cards. There are breakdowns of each line item on the cards included in the guide. There is an example of how the cards might be used. Everything is explained really well and clearly. However the best way to understand the cards is to simply use them. Still, I’m really impressed with the guide and it was very helpful in giving me some ideas. I’d say that if you are going to grab a set of the cards, go ahead and download the guide as well.
9 out of 10

I can say that I’ve created random storylines for my RPGs in a lot of different ways. I used everything from dice rolls to random tables. I’ve even used pre-packaged adventures. All those methods pale in comparison to the Toolcards. Once I flipped through the deck and started laying out scenarios and back stories, I knew that I’d never use the old ways again. I really like the addition of the dice rolls so that I never have to figure out a d20 or percentile roll again for my monsters or NPCs. Sometimes I would have trouble when the PCs would enter a town and walk into a certain area or place that I hadn’t thought about fleshing out because I didn’t think they would go there. I’d be racking my brain or reaching for my dice to try and figure out how I would play some NPC or what they might know. That’s not a problem anymore as now I can give a full story based on the questions that are asked, just by looking at one card. No need to make things up on the fly. All in all, I love it.
9 out of 10

Toolcards: Fantasy is a RPG accessory for DMs of fantasy games. I truly feel that any self respecting DM of Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and the like, need to get a set of these cards. There is nothing that they can’t help a DM design. The artwork is nice and they really help. I don’t normally review RPG products, but this was too amazing to pass up. I’m glad that I did too. I’m completely overwhelmed with how useful the cards are. I’ve done quite a bit of DMing over the years and I only wish I’d had these back in the 90s. There’s a new expansion-stand alone edition of the Toolcards that can be bought separately or added to this version to add even more useful information like city maps and archetypes. I highly recommend grabbing a set of these and the new set while you’re at it. You will never look at DMing the same way again. I promise.
9 out of 10


For more information about Toolcards:  Fantasy and other great RPG products, please check out Post World Games at their site.


You can also purchase Toolcards:  Fantasy and many other things from Post World Games at Drive Thru RPG.com.

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