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Recently I was given the opportunity to check out an upcoming new game. I received a pdf of the cards and counters along with rules for play. This is my thoughts and opinions on the presented materials. Enjoy!

Vendetta is a game designed by Dan Verssen. It is for 2-6 players. In this game, players will be mob bosses trying to take over the top spot in New York City. The player that can best manage their reputation the best and can whack another Boss will be declared the winner.

To begin, each player will choose a Boss from the different Boss cards. They will then receive $500,000 in money counters each. The action cards are all shuffled together and placed face down in the center of the play area. Each player is dealt 5 cards each. The money counters and vendetta counters are placed in separate piles. Two 6 sided dice are rolled by each player to determine player order. Play can now begin.

On a player’s turn, they can do the following things in order; play cards, rearrange their boroughs, collect income and draw cards. The first thing that a player can do is play cards from their hand. They can buy neighborhood cards by paying their cost and placing them in their borough. They can buy guy cards. These are placed next to a player’s boss card and are used in attacks. Players can also discard cards to gain $100,000 in money tokens which can immediately be used to buy other cards.
The next thing that can be done is for a player to rearrange their borough. The top locations in a player’s borough can be attacked by other players so it’s always wise to keep your more valuable cards out of the top row.

Player’s can then collect income. This is done by taking the amount of money as indicated by the location cards that are in a player’s borough. Once this is done a player draws cards back up to their maximum hand size.

Earlier I told you that player’s can use guy cards to perform attacks on other players. There are 2 different types of attacks; whack attacks and muscle in attacks. Whack attacks are ways for one player to kill off another player’s location, guy or boss card. To do this the player chooses which card they would like to kill off and pay the vendetta cost. They will then add the attack values of the boss and any guy cards chosen to the attack rolls. Muscle cards can also be used and added to the roll. Vendetta tokens can be used by both the attacker and defender. The defender can use guy cards to subtract points off the attacker’s attack. Two 6 sided dice are rolled and added to the points. If the attacker rolls higher than the defense value of the card it is killed. If the card was a player’s boss card, the game is over and the attacker is the winner.

Muscle In attacks are performed pretty much the same way, except the attacker must also pay the purchase cost of the target. If the attacker succeeds, they gain the card and can add it to their cards already on the table. Players keep playing cards, attacking other players, collecting income and drawing more cards until one player is able to kill off another player’s Boss. Once this happens the game is over and that player is the winner.


From the pdf file that I received and the images on the Kickstarter, I’d say that the components look really good. I’m sure that the tokens will all be thick cardboard and the cards will be the regular card style. The artwork on all the pieces looks really great and has a very unique mafia style of look to it. If the game funds enough, the dice will be upgraded to look like bullets, which is a really cool idea. Overall it appears that there has been a lot of thought and theming put into this game. I look forward to seeing the finished product.
9 out of 10

Currently the only rulebook that I’ve seen was included on the pdf, so I can’t really describe the quality of it. I can however comment on the rules and presentation. To start with, there are lots of great pictures and examples of the different card types as well as examples of game play. The rules are all very easy to read and understand. Everything is explained really well and appears to be laid out in the proper way.
8 out of 10

Setup for this game appears relatively simple and easy, taking only a few minutes to get things together. The estimated game time is around 45 minutes. That looks to be about right from what I can tell about the mechanics of the game. It appears to be mostly hand management with some take that aspects all wrapped up with a mafia theme. It looks easy enough to play and simple enough for some younger players. It’s not overly bloody or vicious. The designer notes that it is a family game that is kid friendly. All in all, I’d say the game looks like a lot of fun for everyone.
9 out of 10

Vendetta looks to be a light game of kill or be killed in the mafia world. I’d say that fans of hand management and mafia games like Nothing Personal would probably enjoy this. It looks to be relatively simple and easy enough for younger children. The artwork is really nice and has a great theme to it. I can say that this is definitely a game that I’m interested in seeing the finished product. I’d definitely recommend it.
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other games, please check out Dan Verssen Games at their site.

You can also back the game right now over on Kickstarter.

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