Race to the Treasure Review


Race to the Treasure is a game published by Peaceable Kingdom. It is for 2-4 players. In this game, players will be working together to beat the Ogre to the treasure. Along the way they will have to collect the 3 keys that open up the treasure’s locks. If the players are able to collect the keys and reach the end space first, they win. If the Ogre reaches the end first, he wins and the players lose.

To begin, the board should be placed in the center of the play area so that all the players can reach it. The placement of the 4 keys and ogre snack are determined by rolling the 2 dice. One dice gives a number and the other a letter. You will then place the item that you were rolling for on the space where they intersect. For instance, if you rolled B3 for a key, you would place the key on the B column on row 3 in that space. Once all the keys and snack have been placed, shuffle the path and ogre cards together and place them face down in a stack on the table. Play now begins.

On a player’s turn, they will draw a card from the pile. If a path card is drawn it is placed face up on the start space in any direction. Depending on what type of card is drawn, determines where the card is placed. There are two types of cards; path cards and ogre cards. Path cards can be placed in any direction but must add to the path. Several paths can be going at one time. The idea is to make the path reach a space where a key is. A path card must be placed on the key to be able to place it on one of the 3 key spaces at the bottom of the board. The ogre snack is picked up the same way. The ogre snack removes an ogre card from the ogre’s path.

This brings us to the ogre cards. When an ogre card is drawn it is placed on the ogre’s path. The more ogre cards that are drawn bring him closer to victory. Using the ogre snack can help slow him down if he gets to close to the treasure. This keeps going with each player drawing a card and placing it on the board, until either the ogre has reached the treasure or the players have collected 3 of the 4 keys and made it to the end space first. Once one of those things happens the game is over.


The game is a really neat looking path building game. The key and ogre snack tokens as well as the path and ogre cards are all made of thick cardboard. The artwork on these is really nice. I like that the ogre isn’t a scary looking ogre so even really young kids can play the game without being frightened. The thickness of the tiles works really good for my daughter’s smaller fingers. The board is really well made and is mostly made up of the grid for the path. There is some nice forest artwork along with the treasure on the edges of the board. The 2 dice are wooden and have painted letters and numbers on them. I really like that this is how you set up the game, using the dice. The pieces for this game are very nice and are of good quality.
9 out of 10

The rules for this game are eco friendly and are printed on the inside cover of the box lid. The rules are fairly simple. They are easy to read and understand. There are a couple of nice pictures of the components and how to setup the game. There are also a couple of pictured examples of how to play the game. There’s nothing difficult here. After reading through the rules once, you’ll be ready to play in just a matter of minutes.
9 out of 10

This game is a great little path building co-op game. My daughter really enjoys playing it. For some reason, she felt that we really had to get that ogre snack to keep him from beating us. She was able to determine the correct direction that we needed the path to go with very little trouble. I did have to help her once or time to point the tiles in the right direction but she took to it rather well. Thanks to some good shuffling and that ogre snack that my daughter knew that we had to have, we were able to win. Afterwards, she was ready to play the game again. I’d say that she really liked it. I know I did.
9 out of 10

Race to the Treasure is a light children’s game of path building. The game takes about 15 minutes to play. It’s a really easy and kid friendly game, even for younger kids. I really enjoyed the co-op design of this game. It’s a great game to play with your kids. My daughter really enjoyed it as well. She really liked saying ogre snack a lot. “Daddy, we gotta get the ogre snack.” I like that it encourages children to think and plan ahead. Do I go for one of the keys, the ogre snack or head for the treasure? How will I plan out this route? I’d say for a 4 year old, she did a pretty good job of planning as we easily won. This is a great kid’s game that you will enjoy playing with your kids. I highly recommend it for parents of younger kids. The treasure you’ll find at the end of the game will be the fun you had with your kids.
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Peaceable Kingdom at their site.


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