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Fluxx- Version 5.0 is a game by Andrew Looney, published by Looney Labs. It is for 2-6 players. Over the years there have been many different variations from pirates to Cthulhu. This is the 5th version of the basic game and is one of the two newest Fluxx games available. For more information about all the different versions available, please check out the link at the bottom of this review. In Fluxx, players will be playing cards in an attempt to put themselves in a favorable position to be able to fulfill the current goal. Of course things are always changing so what might have been the current requirements for winning the game may have changed as well. Nothing ever stays the same for long, thus the name of the game Fluxx. The player that is best able to get their cards to the table and fulfill the current goal will be declared the winner.

To begin, simply take all the cards in the box, apart from the basic rules card, and shuffle them all together. Then you deal out 3 card to each player. Once that’s done, place the deck face down in the center of the table and you’re ready to go.

On a player’s turn, they will start off by drawing one card and then playing one card. Of course the longer that the game goes, the more things will change, thus the name of the game, Fluxx. The main objective of the game is to place keepers on the table so that you can fulfill a goal. The first player that is able to get their keepers to match the current goal is the winner.

During the course of play, you’ll see several different types of cards. There are rules, goals, keepers, and action cards. Rules cards are the cards that once played will alter the basic rules of play, such as a Draw 2 or a Play 3 card. Goal cards are the conditional cards that if you’re able to meet all the requirements, you win the game. Keepers are the cards that you will play face up in front of you. Having the right ones of these for the current goal will allow you to win the game. Action cards are used once and then discarded. These cards allow you to do different things like draw cards or look through the discard pile for a card. Each action card is different. Once a player is able to fulfill the current goal, they win.


The game is a very attractive set of 100 cards in a sleek looking box. The artwork is very reminiscent of previous versions but a little slicker looking. The cards are made of excellent quality just like in previous versions. Everything is really nice and portable. I really like the new darker looking box redesign. It just sets itself aside from every other variant out there. All in all, I really like the new design.
9 out of 10

The rule book for this game is a large oversized sheet that folds up to fit nicely inside the box. Everything is explained really well and is simple to read. There are a few pictures included, mostly of how to set up the game. All of this information is contained on the front side of the paper. On the back side, there’s a huge list of frequently asked questions. If something comes up that you’re unsure about, you will almost assuredly find it in that section. All in all, it’s really quick to read and you’ll be up in playing in a matter of minutes.
9 out of 10

This is a really great game. As a huge fan of Fluxx, I really enjoy all the different versions available. This version has a few minor changes that change up the way that you play the game though. Unlike in previous versions, there are no Creeper cards. I really enjoy the Creepers and will forever lament their passing. Still as an entry point for new players, this game really works well. It’s super simple and doesn’t make things too difficult. This version also has several new cards and some cards that have been completely changed. Nothing major to worry about if your a fan of previous versions of the standard game. The game plays really quickly and is incredibly light. Most games take no more than 15 minutes at most. I really enjoy playing the game and think it’s a great new version.
9 out of 10

Fluxx- Version 5.0 is a light and fun card game of ever changing situations. It’s a really fun game. This version is a great entry point for new players unfamiliar to Fluxx. It’s a really quick game that can usually be played in under 15 minutes. It is great for family and friends alike. It’s very simple and easy for everyone from the kids to the grandparents. I miss the creepers but enjoy playing this version even without them present. I’d definitely recommend this version to new players as well as veterans. It’s great fun for everyone. This is definitely a great game.
9 out of 10



For more information about Fluxx and other great games, please check out Looney Labs at their site.



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