Munchkin Adventure Time Review


Munchkin Adventure Time is a game developed and published by USAopoly. It is for 3-6 players. In this game, players take on the role of their favorite character from the wildly popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time as they battle Munchkin style to reach level 10 first. Along the way they will be battling monsters while they try to avoid curses as well as their opponents. The first player to reach level 10 by battling a monster will be declared the winner.

To begin, the cards are divided into Door and Treasure decks. Each deck is shuffled. Each player is dealt 4 cards from each deck. The decks are then placed face down on the table. Players are each dealt one random character card. However, we like to let each player choose their character as long as there are no conflicts of interest. It might also be noted that players will need some way of keeping track of their levels. A 10 sided dice or other such implement should suffice. Play now begins.

On a player’s turn, they can equip and arrange their cards any way that they would like. The player then performs 3 phases. The first phase is to Kick Open the Door. To do this, the player flips the top card of the Door deck over. If it is a monster, the player must fight it. Combat it done through comparing combat strength. The player’s combat strength is determined from their level along with any bonus obtained through other cards like allies or items. The monster’s combat strength is equal to it’s level plus or minus any modifiers from cards played on it. If the player’s level is higher, they will kill the monster and go up a level. They also receive treasure as shown on the monster card. Treasure can be items or armor. However player’s may only equip one headgear, one armor, one foot gear and either one 2 handed item or up to 2 one handed items. Of course there are cards that will allow that to change like some allies or cheat cards. If a player is unable to beat the monster, they must attempt to run away. To do this they roll the die. They are successful if they roll 5 or higher. If they lose the roll, the monster does whatever bad stuff that the monster card describes to the player. Sometimes the player will flip over a curse card instead of a monster. When this happens the curse affects the player that drew it in whatever way that the card describes. There are also other types of cards like class, ally or monster enhancers that can be flipped over and then added to the player’s hand to be used later.

The second phase is the Look for Trouble or Loot the Room phase. This is done if there was no monster in the first phase. Looking for Trouble is done by playing a monster card from the player’s hand and then continuing with combat as described above. Looting the room is done by the player drawing a second card from the Door deck and adding it to their hand to be used later. This is important as during combat players can affect the monster or player by using these cards to mess with them. Players can also help out when a player can’t beat a monster by themself by adding their combat strength to the player’s strength that is fighting the monster. Of course, some bribing may have to be done to get other players to help out.

The last phase is the charity phase. Once the above phases are complete, the player must discard down to only 5 cards. Any extras cards are given to the player with the lowest level. Play then passes to the next player. This continues from player to player until someone is able to beat a monster to become level 10. The player that does that is the winner.


This game comes with some really great looking cards. My son and I love Adventure Time and so we love the look of the cards. They are lots of references to the show and this comes out in the cards. The different decks have lots of great artwork. The character cards are really great and have both male and female versions of several of the main characters from the show. The die is really neat looking. One side of the die has Jake the Dog’s face on it. That’s a really cool detail as Jake can magically change shapes on the show. I love that aspect of the die. I only wish the die had been yellow like Jake instead of white. Still it’s a really cool piece. The box has some great artwork on the inside and is divided into separate compartments to keep your decks and character cards separated. I love this aspect as well as the original card game didn’t have dividers or artwork. This has got to be the best looking and most thematic version of Munchkin that I’ve seen. I absolutely love the design.
10 out of 10

The rulebook is very well made and designed. There are lots of pictures and examples of how to play the game. There are ideas for combining the set with other Munchkin sets. There are also rules for adding expansions or super sizing the Munchkin set. There are rules for faster play as well. Everything is explained really well and is easy to read. There won’t be any problems understanding how to play the game. Overall, the rules look nice and are easy to read.
9 out of 10

Of course, if you’ve played Munchkin before then you know how much fun this game is. This set brings in some new classes that are more thematic to the Adventure Time world. It also adds in Allies that can help out during combat or in other ways. The biggest change is the character cards which give special powers that are different from character to character. I love the new additions and how much better it makes the game. I already liked Munchkin but I LOVE this version. The theme is so much better in this version and it really comes through on every card. The game is fun and chaotic just like any regular game of Munchkin. Overall, my son and I really enjoy playing this version. It adds so much more to the experience.
9 out of 10

Munchkin Adventure Time is a light card game with a take that feel to it. The game is easy to learn and play. It has an average play time with most sessions lasting about an hour to an hour and a half. Fans of the Adventure Time show and Munchkin players will love this new version. The cards are very thematic and look amazing with lots of art ripped from the TV show. Even the divider in the box is thematic and full of great art. The game is family friendly and teenage boys especially will love it. It’s a lot of fun and a game that I myself enjoy quite a bit. I highly recommend you go out and get it, or I’ll donk up your cheek meat. You’ll love it.
9 out of 10



For more information and this and other great games, please check out USAopoly at their site.

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3 Responses to Munchkin Adventure Time Review

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  2. Joel says:

    Great review. I recommend this game! My family really enjoyed it. Teaches strategy and cooperation.

    • jlnelson73 says:

      If you like this, then keep an eye out for the new expansion – Munchkin Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl! coming in the next couple of months.

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