Princess Matchup Game and Puzzle Review


Princess Matchup Game and Puzzle is a game and a puzzle by Cynthia Jabar, published by Peaceable Kingdom. It is for 1-4 players. In this game, players will be matching cards in memory style and then are able to put together a puzzle with all the cards. The player that makes the most matches will be declared the winner.

To begin, there are a couple of ways that these cards can be played with. For younger players, there is the Face Up Match Up. To play this way, simply arrange all the cards face up on the table and mix them up. Players then take turns matching pairs of cards in numeric order beginning with 1 and working their way up to 12. For this version, there is no winner or loser. It is all about making matches.

The next way to play the game is the Memory Match Up version. In this version the cards are all placed face down on the table in classic memory style and are then mixed up. Players then take turns flipping over 2 cards to try and make a match. If they make a match they collect the 2 cards and are then give the opportunity to make another match by flipping over 2 more cards. If a match is not made, the cards are flipped back over face down in the same space they were originally in. Once all matches are made, you can choose to either see who had the most matches for the win or simply disregard this all together. There does not have to be a winner or loser.

The last way to play the game is as a puzzle. On the back of the cards is a princess castle in 24 pieces. Players can work together to try and put the pieces in the proper place as they would a normal puzzle. Again, there is no real winner or losers here.


This game comes with 24 lovely illustrated cards. The cards are quite sturdy and rather thick, almost like game tiles. The illustrations are really cute. My daughter loves anything to do with princesses so the artwork for this was right up her alley. The cards have a rather glossy finish to them as well. I’m guessing that’s in case sticky or dirty hands play with them, then the cards can be wiped off. I really like the cute factor of the cards and everything fits really neatly back inside the box. One last thing about the cards is that they’re double sided. One side has the matching version and the other side has the puzzle designs. Overall this is something that my daughter and I like the look and feel of.
8 out of 10

The rulebook is quite small and fits neatly inside the box. Of the 4 pages that make up the rulebook, only 1 page is actually used for the rules. The middle 2 pages show the solution to the puzzle in bright color. The back page has a cute princess picture that is also shown on the box cover. It’s super simple to read and understand. There are also some suggestions for parents on how to use the game as a teaching tool. Really nicely done and fits the game quite well.
8 out of 10

This game is a retheme of every classic memory game ever made. It’s simple to play for every age group. It’s really cute and my daughter really loves the design. I do like that the back of the cards have a puzzle that can be put together for when you get tired of making matches with the game. That was a really nice addition to a rather cute version of Memory. My daughter really enjoy puzzles so the theme of this one really made her happy. Even with young children, this will not take long to play at all. It’s a really nice, cute game that will appeal to little girls everywhere.
8 out of 10

Princess Matchup and Puzzle is a super light and educational game and puzzle combined. It takes about 10 minutes or so to play, depending on the age of the kids playing it. There are several different ways to play including putting the cards together to make a princess castle in puzzle form. It’s really cute and my daughter loves the artwork for it. There are lots of ways to use this game as a teaching tool. The bright colors and princess theme are sure to delight any little girls in your family. I would recommend it as a great little stocking stuffer or gift for your daughters, nieces or family friends daughters. It’s rather inexpensive and rather cute. I crown this one a winner.
8 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Peaceable Kingdom at their site.

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