Longhorn Review


Longhorn is a game by Bruno Cathala, published by Blue Orange Games. It is for 2 players. In this game, players will take on the roles of two dangerous outlaws. They will be attempting to steal cattle and gold in a race to see who can collect the most money or get their opponent arrested by the sheriff. The player that does this will be declared the winner.

To begin, player decide which of the two outlaws they want to play, taking the corresponding Wanted token and placing it in front of them. The 9 location tiles are mixed up and randomly placed on the table in a 3×3 grid. The action tokens are mixed up and 9 of them are chosen. These tokens are then placed one at a time on each of the locations. If the sheriff token is picked, it has to be placed on Nugget Hill. The wooden cow pieces are mixed up and randomly placed on each of the locations as determined by each location. The outlaw token is flipped like a coin with the winner beginning the game. The opponent chooses his starting location from the locations that contain 4 cows. He places the token on his chosen location. Play now begins.

On a player’s turn, he will steal cattle and then move and turn over the Outlaw token. When a player steals cattle, he chooses one color or cattle and must then steal all the cattle of the chosen color from that location. He places them in front of him. If there are no cattle on the location after he steals them, he must then apply the effect of the action token on that location. Action tokens can give gold nuggets, cattle from adjacent locations or even cause the sheriff to arrest you. You can gain an extra turn, steal from your opponent, or even remove all cattle of a particular color from the board causing them to be worthless. The last action is to cause you to place a cow of each color back out onto adjacent locations.

Once a player has finished stealing cattle, he must then move and turn over the outlaw token. This is done by moving the outlaw token to another location that is equal to the number of cows that the player just stole. The player must move vertically or horizontally and can’t return to the same location. The outlaw token is then flipped over to the other side. It is now the opponent’s turn. If all the locations that are equal to the number of cattle stolen are empty, the game is over. Players then add up their points. Players are awarded $100 for each cow of the same color that is still on the location tiles. Players add the money total for all their cows along with any gold they may have collected. The player with the most money is the winner.

Another way the game can end is if a player is forced to activate the sheriff token. That player then loses the game, regardless of points. The last way the game can end is if a player gets 9 cows of the same color. They immediately win the game.


This game has some really great looking pieces to it. The location tiles look like the cover illustrations from an old west novel. They are truly beautiful. The action tokens are thick cardboard as are the wanted tokens. These look really nice especially the wanted tokens. The outlaw token is thick wood and requires stickers to be placed on each side. One for each outlaw. The illustration on the sticker as well as the wanted token are of the 2 outlaws. These look great and I love the designs of each. The final pieces are the wooden cow pieces. There are 4 colors of cows. Each color has 9 cows for a total of 36 pieces. These are really well done and they look and feel great. I’m very overjoyed at how nicely done and how beautiful the game is. It’s definitely a high quality game.
10 out of 10

The rulebook is multilingual. It has lots of pictures and several examples of how to play the game. Each language section contains only 4 pages of actual rules. Everything is really easy to read and understand. All of the different action tokens are explained thoroughly. Everything is laid out extremely well with not need for anything more. All in all, it is designed well, looks great and contains all the information in a very concise format. I’m completely happy with that.
9 out of 10

The game is super simple but contains lots of strategy to it. Determining which cattle to take and then where to place your opponent for their next turn is very important. You will definitely be keeping an eye on which cattle your opponent has as this will many times determine your next move. The game is very light and doesn’t take long to play at all. Most sessions last no more than 15 minutes. That makes this a great filler game. I really love the simplicity of the game but find the depth of strategy to be really great as well. You can easily lose the game with one bad move. Overall, I find this game to be extremely fun and beautiful to boot. The theme is definitely integrated well, from the cattle rustling to the sheriff action token. This is definitely a great game.
9 out of 10

Longhorn is a light game of cattle rustling in the old west. It’s a really short game with most sessions lasting no more than 15 minutes. The artwork and theme are really nicely done with the location tiles looking like something from an old west novel. I really love the theme and look of this game. Fans of the old west or strategy games should really enjoy this light strategic filler game. It’s really simple to learn and play. Even so, it’s got quite a bit of strategy involved in it. This is a really fun game with a great theme and concept to it. I really enjoy it and find it very thematic. I highly recommend it. It’s a great game that is sure to rustle up some fun for you and a friend.
9 out of 10



For more information about this and other great games, please check out Blue Orange Games at their site.


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