BBQ Blitz Review


BBQ Blitz is a game by Hans Ulrich, published by Educational Insights. It is for 2-4 players. In this game, players will be grilling burgers and matching patties to their plates. The player that can find their matches the fastest will be declared the winner.

To begin, each player takes a plate and a spatula. The box bottom represents the grill. All of the buns and burger patties are placed face down on the grill inside the bottom of the box. Play now begins.

Once everyone is ready, someone says “GO” and the race begins. Players will race to flip over the patties as they try to match the toppings on the patty with the toppings indicated on their plates. If the player finds a match, they place it face up on one of their 4 burgers spaces on their plate. Once all 4 patties have been found and placed on the plate, the player must then top each patty with a bun from the grill as well. The first person to do this is the winner.


This game has some really nice looking pieces to it. The board is actually inside the bottom of the box, just like in Frida’s Fruit Fiesta. It looks like a giant grill. The box is rather large but fits all the pieces being placed face down really well. There are 16 rubber burger patties that have toppings on one side, 4 for each topping; ketchup, mustard, cheese and pickles. There are 12 buns that are made of hard plastic. All of these are really thick and work really well with the 4 plastic spatulas that are included to pick up the patties and buns with. The 4 plates are made of thin cardboard but have very cute designs on them. The pieces are all really sturdy and kids will have no problems playing this game. Really high quality pieces.
9 out of 10

The rulebook for this game is a single double sided sheet of paper. It can be folded in half to make a little rules pamphlet. It’s full color and has some really great pictures. There is an alternative play version of the game where players get 1 of each type of patty as well as rules for a 2 player option that has the players racing to make double burgers with two different toppings. As you can tell, there’s not a lot to understand with the rules so there’s not a lot of writing in the rule book. Everything is super simple and easy to understand. The rulebook looks nice and is done really well.
8 out of 10

This game is very simple to play. Everything works really well together as the spatulas are thin enough to slide under the burger patties really well. As an adult, you will have to go kinda slow to allow younger players the time to use their motor skills to pick up the patties and then determine if they can use it or not. It’s a really cute game that my daughter really enjoys playing, even by herself. The big box and bright colors really get her attention and she enjoys working through the game. It’s very light and simple so it won’t take a very long time to play at all. Most game sessions for this game last no longer than about 5 minutes.
8 out of 10

BBQ Blitz is a very light children’s game of matching and quick thinking. It takes a very short time to play, no longer than 5 minutes. It’s very easy and a really fun game for kids. My daughter really enjoys playing it even by herself. The game is cute and very similar to memory in a sort of race to be the first to finish kind of way. Younger kids will definitely love the large pieces and the imaginary grill. It’s a very durable game that should last for many many plays. This is already becoming a game that my daughter asks to play most often. I recommend it and think your kids will enjoy it as much as mine does.
8 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Educational Insights at their site.

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