Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Review


Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon is a game published by Wonder Forge. It is for 2-4 players. In this game, players will be playing as one of the Disney Princess Palace Pets, from Cinderella’s dog Pumpkin and Belle’s dog Teacup to Ariel’s cat Treasure and Snow White’s rabbit Berry. Players will be trying to collect cards from the different rooms of the pet salon. The player that can collect the most before the clock or the deck of cards run out will be declared the winner.

To begin, the board is placed on the table. The different wall panels are put together where the wall colors match. They are then placed inside the plastic base and then set into the board where the wall colors match the floor color. Players will then choose one of the 4 different pets figures. The figures are placed in the Royal Lounge at the center of the board. The clock tiles and frame are placed within easy reach. All of the cards are shuffled together and placed face down near the board. The top 3 cards are flipped over and placed face up in a row beside the deck. The first player is chosen and they are given the spinner. Play now begins.

On a player’s turn, they will take the spinner and spin it. The result of their spin will tell them how to proceed. There are 5 possible actions. One result is to flip over one card and then move up to one, room away . The player flips the card and adds it to the row of previously revealed cards and then is able to move 1 space. The next option is to reveal two cards and move up to two rooms away. Cards are added to the row and the player’s figure is moved up to two rooms away. Another option is to move up to three rooms away. This results doesn’t allow any new cards to be flipped. There is a result that is very similar to this one. This one is to flip over three cards only with no movement. Cards are always flipped over first before any movement is made. Once a player has moved their figure, they will check the face up cards to see if any of the goodies on the cards are in the room that there figure is in. Players should check the walls and floors to make sure. If there are any matches, the player may pick up and add those cards to their collection. Any number of cards may be picked up but only from the face up ones and only those that match the room the player’s figure is in. The last result on the spinner is the clock. If the player gets that result, one of the clock tiles is added into the frame and the player spins again. If all four clock tiles are in the frame the game is over. Another way the game can end is if there are no more cards left to collect. Players then add up their cards and the person with the most cards is the winner.


This game has some of the cutest pieces. The 4 Palace Pets are just like the characters that you might find at your local retail store. Each one is detailed and looks just like the character itself. The board and walls combine together to make a really cute salon. I really like that the player can move their pets through the doors into each room instead of having to pick them up and move them around the outside. It helps your kids to imagine that they are in the actual salon a lot better. The openings are even wide enough for my big man fingers to move the pets through as well. Very well done. The spinner, clock tiles and frame are all really sturdy and each one adds to the theme of the game. The cards are fairly small and have different goodies that can be found on the board or walls of the salon. They are really sturdy and cute as is every piece that comes with this game. Really good quality game.
9 out of 10

The rulebook for this game is simply a double sided sheet of glossy paper. Everything is extremely easy to understand and read. There are several pictures that show how to set up the game as well as describing each of the spinner spaces in detail. It even shows you how to assemble the walls and board. Of course, once you’ve read the rules through one good time, you probably will not have any need for it again. It’s a fairly simple game to learn with rules that are just as simple.
9 out of 10

This is a really cute game. The game is simply moving and collecting cards with a bit of an eye spy twist to it. Some of the items on the goodie cards are fairly straight forward and easy to find, like the ribbons in the ribbon room. However, some items are a bit more difficult and you really have to search to find. I’d really suggest taking a look at each room and floor first before you try to play the game. There were some of the collars that I wasn’t exactly sure what they were or where to find them. It took several minutes looking at each room before I could determine what they actually were. My daughter did enjoy it for awhile though, but she seemed to be more interested in taking her pet to specific rooms that she liked instead of the ones that had face up cards that could be collected. Even with my encouragement and suggestions, she still wanted to enter her chosen room instead of card collecting rooms. Needless to say, she enjoys playing with the figures and the salon. She just wasn’t as interested in playing the game as it was meant to be played. I’ve tried playing it with her several times since then but I continued to get the same results. Maybe this would be more interesting for older girls. As it is, we spent about 30 minutes playing salon instead of the actual game. Not exactly what I expected her reaction to be. As for me, I think the game is cute and perhaps as she gets older this will be something that she would actually enjoy playing. I just think that she might be a bit too young for the game even though she’s almost 5 and the game is recommended for ages 3 and up.
8 out of 10

Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon is a light children’s game that combines elements of the Eye Found It game with the classic spin and move mechanic. The theme and pieces to this game are really cute and fun. Little girls will absolutely love the figures as well as the set up walls and board. The game is really simple to learn. Fans of Disney Princesses, Palace Pets or the Eye Found It games should like this game. The only negative thing about the game is that younger children might not get that much into the actual game and may be more interested in simply playing with the figures and board. This may be better played with a little bit older kids. As it is, the game isn’t bad and my daughter loves playing with the game. She just doesn’t get much into the actual gameplay itself. Still, the components are great, the rules are good and the game itself is nice. Overall, I’d still say the game is good and would recommend it for older girls or as a play set for younger ones.
8 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Wonder Forge at their site.

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