The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Fortress of the Stone Giants Adventure Deck Review


The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Fortress of the Stone Giants Adventure Deck is published by Paizo Publishing. It adds new locations, monsters, villains, items and 5 new scenarios that make up the Fortress of the Stone Giants adventure path. This is based on the Pathfinder RPG adventure of the same name. Players will be fending off a stone giant invasion, raiding magical dungeons and unlocking the mystery of an ancient empire as they face off in 5 new scenarios designed to continue leveling up your character and provide new adventures to play.

For how to play, check out the base game review here.


This expansion adds an extra 110 new cards to the base game. Much like the base game and everything else that’s come before, the artwork is really amazing looking. There’s lots of great new cards of every type. For me, this adds some great new allies and some really horrible monsters. As for allies, who wouldn’t want a charmed red dragon as their friend. Monster-wise there are some very powerful creatures like trolls and giants. Thankfully there are lots of great new weapons and spells to help you out. As in my previous review, I mentioned that the card size was a little bit bigger. This is also true with these cards. It appears that this will be the case with each new adventure deck. As I said then, this isn’t really a problem, simply something that needs mentioning.
10 out of 10

There is no rulebook included with this expansion. All rules needed to play are provided in the base game.

Just like previous adventure decks, this adds a lot more of the same goodness that you already know. Each new scenario drags you further into the amazing world that Paizo has put together. The monsters are meaner and the villains are nastier. There’s lots of great equipment and spells to help you get where you need to be to be able to defeat the various bosses. I really enjoy playing this and it really adds to the customization of my characters. For those that know me, I’m a fan of customization. This really adds a lot to the base game.
10 out of 10

The Fortress of the Stone Giants Adventure Deck is a great addition to a already great expanding and customizable game. It adds some great scenarios and adventures that add lots of new twists and flavor to the game. If you’re a fan of the Rise of the Runelords base set, and let’s face it, who isn’t, then you’ll be thrilled to have this in your collection. The artwork looks great and each card just adds more joy and happiness for me. This really deepens your characters and adds more to an already great game. I highly recommend it. It’s a definite must have for Pathfinder fans.
10 out of 10

Check out my review of the Rise of the Runelords Base Set here.



For more information about Pathfinder and other great games, please check out Paizo Publishing at their site.

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