Meeple Realty’s Waterdeep Keep Product Review

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Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from Meeple Realty. That product was the Waterdeep Keep.

I received it in a white bubble wrap envelope. Inside I found a bundle of thin wooden sheets taped between two thick pieces of cardboard. After cutting the 4 pieces of tape on each side I found a stack of paper full of instructions for assembling this beauty. Unfortunately in my haste I forgot to take pictures of the actual product preconstruction. I did however remember to take pictures of the product post construction. Anyway, let me explain exactly how the product works. In case you were unaware, this is a thin wooden organizer that fits into the original Lords of Waterdeep game box. This organizer makes it possible for you to put all the pieces from both the original game and the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion into one box. This is great as it’s a bit of a pain to have to deal with both boxes, especially during game setup.

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Normally in this section I would be describing all the different parts and pieces of the game. For this review, I will describe the packaging and item itself. As i described earlier, everything came in a thick bubble wrap envelope. Inside the envelope was a stack of small thin sheets of wood that were bound together with blue tape between two thick pieces of cardboard. I’m very pleased with the packing and packaging. After cutting the tape, I was able to remove the cardboard to find a stack of instructions on several sheets of paper. The thin sheets of wood were easily removed from the framework of each sheet. The wood is quite nice and looks great once completely assembled inside the box. The instructions say that you might want to have a small crafting knife, some glue and a piece of sandpaper when assembling the organizer. However, I didn’t have much need for it as everything went together extremely well.
9 out of 10

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Since this is an organizer and not a game, there are several sheets of instructions instead of a rulebook. I had no trouble putting the organizer together from the pictures and step by step instructions that were included. It was really easy to determine what peices you needed and which one was which. For anyone that’s had to assemble anything in their life from bookcases to a kid’s toy, you will find this to be just as simple. You might even say it’s easier. Look, I’m no rocket scientist and I was able to do it. You can do it too.
9 out of 10

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For this section I’ll explain the assembly process instead of giving my thoughts on how a game is played. First off it’s really easy to put this thing together. It’s simple to remove the pieces from the sheets and with such great instructions you won’t have any problems. All the pieces fit fairly easily together. It took about 30 minutes to get everything put together so that I could stick it all together into the game box. I’ll say that I had to look at the picture on the website on how to get everything lined up just right as there wasn’t any instructions on how it was supposed to go. It’s a bit snug especially with the layered trays that hold the individual player’s pieces. It’s not a big deal but something that should be mentioned. Another thing that should be mentioned is that once the board is placed on top of the organizer and the lid is put on the box, there is a bit of a bulge. Nothing overly noticable, but again, should be pointed out. In any event, the quality of the product is great. I really do like the removable trays for each individual player making setting up and breaking down the game a lot quicker. I really like the look and design of this organizer. It’s definitely worth getting if you’ve got both the game and expansion.
9 out of 10

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The Waterdeep Keep organizer from Meeple Realty is a magnificent looking way to keep everything together for the Lords of Waterdeep game. I extremly happy with how easy it was to put together and how good it looked once all the pieces were put in the box. I would definitely recommend anyone that has Lords of Waterdeep and the Scoundrels of Skullport to order one of these for your game. It’s a great time and space saver. It’s well worth it. I’m extremely happy with it as it solves so many problems for my favorite game.
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other great products, please check out Meeple Realty at their site.

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