Armored Core is coming to a table near you!

Armored Core RTS Box

Today I wanted to share with you guys an all new game that just arrived on Kickstarter today. The game is Armored Core™ RTS. It’s based on the long running video game franchise. This game is a real time strategy board game where all players pilot miniature mech models simultaneously through a 3 dimensional city landscape. They will be able to capture the speed and action of the video games as they dodge around corners, boost to the rooftops and activate weapons at the same time.

Action shot

This officially licensed version of Armored Core™ has been designed to be fast to setup, fast to teach and fast to play. It features unique components like LED pointers that are built into each miniature’s base to provide instantaneous line of sight as well as physical buildings to provide cover from the lights.

Component Spread Thematic

The game is designed for 2 to 4 players but is expandable to 6. Between the 20 minute missions, players will be able to upgrade their mechs and equipment according to each player’s particular play-style and team role. Over the course of the campaign teams will strive to accomplish objectives for their faction in order to become the ultimate Ravens.

Models assembly

The publisher of the game is Bad Crow Games. They are a consortium of Utah board game designers and entrepreneurs. They finalized their license agreement with FROM Software in early 2016 but have been developing this game around Armored Core since 2014. Their stated goal is to create board games that actually get played rather than grow dust in the gaming closet. To accomplish this, they designed their RTS system for Armored Core™ RTS to be taught to casual gamers in 5 minutes or less.

rev lec arcore.10

They’ve also created an expansion for the base game called A.I. Unleashed that will include an optional mode for playing the game solo or with a team against the game itself through a special campaign. The game will use the A.I. deck of cards to prioritize different types of targets and determine how to attach each one.

For more information about the game, you can check out the many links below.

@ArmoredCoreGame onTwitter

If you like what you see, you can back the game on Kickstarter by following the link below.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and information and that you’ll think about backing the game. As always, thanks for your support and Game On!

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