Sushi Go Party! Review


Sushi Go Party! is a game by Phil Walker-Harding, published by Gamewright. It is for 2-8 players. In this game, players will be creating a menu of delicious sushi style dishes. They will then try to grab the best combination of tasty items to score the most points possible. The player that do this the best will be declared the winner.

To begin, the game board is placed in the center of the play area. Players choose a color and place their chosen color’s pawn on the 0 space of the board. Players can then choose to create their own menu combination or they can use one of the suggested menus based on their chosen play style. The menu tiles that match the chosen cards are then placed in the appropriate slots on the game board. The chosen dessert cards are shuffled and placed in a face down pile beside the board. The other cards that were chosen to make the menu are shuffled together to form a face down deck that is also placed near the board. Play now begins.

The game is played over 3 rounds. At the beginning of each round a certain number of dessert cards are shuffled into the deck based on the number of players. Cards are then dealt to each player. In a 4 player game, 9 cards are dealt out each round. For more players the number is less and for less players the number is more. Once each player has their cards, the deck is returned face down beside the board.

Each round of the game consists of several turns. Turns happen simultaneously. On a turn, players will choose 1 of the cards from their hand to keep. This card is then placed face down in front of them. Once all players have done this, everyone flips their card over. Players then pass the cards remaining in their hand to the player on their left, beginning a new turn. The process is repeated again. Choose a card, place it facedown, flip it over, pass cards to the left. This continues again and again until everyone’s hand of cards is empty. This ends the round.

At the end of the round, scoring takes place. First any dessert cards a player has collected are set off to the side of their area. These cards will remain until the end of the game. Each remaining card in a player’s area is then scored based on the menu tiles on the board. The rules for scoring each particular type of card is also referenced in the card guide of the rulebook. Players will move their colored pawn on the scoring track of the board to represent the points that they have earned each round. Once each player has completed their scoring, all the cards except for the dessert cards are added to the main deck along with the new dessert cards as dictated by the number of players. The cards are then reshuffled. A new round then begins with each player being dealt a hand of cards.

Once 3 rounds have been played completely through including scoring, the game is over. Players then score their dessert cards as indicated in the card guide of the rulebook. Players compare their scores and the player with the most points is the winner.

It should be noted that there are several cards in the game that are special. These cards may allow a player to take extra actions, take a card from another player’s hand or even copy another card that the player played previously in the round. The specific rules for each of these new card types are all included in the card guide of the rulebook.


This game comes with some of the absolute cutest looking cards that I’ve ever seen. They are very good quality and the finish on them is top notch. I absolutely love the artwork and so does my daughter. The cuteness factor is very high. The game comes in an embossed tin with a very nice insert inside, much like the original game of Sushi Go! except that this tin is much bigger. The main reason for this is the board that comes included with the game. In my review of the original game, I stated that there needed to be a better way to keep up with a player’s score than just a pen and paper or scoring cards. Well it looks like my wishes have been granted. I absolutely love the new score board. It’s really super sturdy and has indented areas for each of the different menu tiles to be placed into. The menu tiles are thick like the board and are just the right size for reference. The pawns are very brightly colored and are super sturdy as well. There are so many different new card types that have been added to the game to allow for lots of different combinations. With my problems addressed and lots of new content included, I have nothing to complain about as far as components go.
10 out of 10

The rulebook for this game is very informative and look really nice. There are lots of great pictures and examples throughout the book. There are several different meal combinations for setting up the cards included so that you can create a game that suits your play style. The rules also contain a great card guide section that explains in detail how each of the many cards work and score points. There are rules clarifications scattered throughout the book as well to help clarify anything that might be difficult to understand. There are also some cute little jokes and silliness placed here and there through the book. It reinforces the cuteness of the game in my opinion. Overall, the rulebook is really well put together and covers everything that you need to know to play the game. There’s nothing difficult to understand. I’m really pleased with the look of the rulebook. It definitely improves on the original.
10 out of 10

I really enjoy card drafting games, almost as much as I like deck builders and worker placement. There’s something fun about choosing cards and then passing them around, hoping to get something good to go with what you just chose. I like that a lot. This game doesn’t disappoint. The card drafting mechanic in this one is top notch. It’s the card drafting game that card drafting games should aspire to be. Sushi Go! was already an excellent game with lots of great choices to make and a lot of fun and cute cards. This version of the game adds a ton of new cards and ways to score points. If you can’t find a way to play that you like, then obviously you don’t really like card drafting games. This game plays great with any amount of players. The original only went to 5 but this version goes all the way up to 8 players. I don’t ever see myself playing with that many people all at once, but knowing that I have that option if I ever need it is awesome. The game is really simple and it’s easy enough that even younger players can enjoy it. That said, some of the new cards add a great bit of strategy to the game that even veteran gamers can enjoy. Overall, I’m thrilled that there has been so much more added to a game that I already enjoyed and loved. For me, things just got sweeter.
10 out of 10

Sushi Go Party! is a light weight game of card drafting. The theme and artwork is super cute. I absolutely love the look and design of the cards. I also like that the original game was given an upgrade with a new board and player pawns to replace the score pad with. The game also adds lots of new cards to expand the game even further adding more strategy for more advanced players. The game itself isn’t all that long. Most game sessions last around 30 minutes or so. The card drafting mechanic is extremely well executed in this game. Fans of games like 7 Wonders, Sea of Clouds or Fairy Tale should really enjoy this one. The game is really easy to play even for younger players. My kids really like this one, especially my daughter. She loves the super cute card designs. There’s a lot to like about this one. For me, I already loved the original. This one is like adding whip cream to your favorite dessert, it just makes it better. I highly recommend this game. If you liked the original, then you’ll love this one. It’s definitely tasty.
10 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Gamewright at their site.

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