Dr. Eureka Review


Dr. Eureka is a game by Roberto Fraga, published by Blue Orange Games. It is for 1-4 players. In this game, players are scientist working for the famed Doctor Eureka. They’ll be trying to help him complete his experiments by placing the right elements together in their test tubes in the correct order. The player that can complete the challenges the fastest will be declared the winner.

To begin, the Challenge cards are shuffled together and placed face down in the center of the play area. Each player is given 3 plastic test tubes and 2 balls of each color. The player places the 3 test tubes in a line in front of them. They then place 2 purple balls in the left tube, 2 red balls in the center tube and 2 green balls in the right tube. Play now begins.

The game is played over several rounds. Each round begins by flipping over the top card of the Challenge deck. Players must then race to arrange the balls in their test tubes to match the order shown on the card. If the player accidentally touches or drops one of the balls, or if they incorrectly announce that they have completed the challenge, then they are removed from the rest of the current round. The tubes and the balls must be in the correct order. As soon as the player has correctly arranged their tubes and balls, they must call out, “Eureka!” Players must then agree that the challenge has been correctly completed. The player is then given the completed Challenge card which counts as 1 point. The player must leave their balls and tubes where they are and may not reset them. A new round then starts with a new Challenge card being flipped face up.

The game continues with new Challenge cards being revealed and players trying to arrange their test tubes and balls in the correct order. Once a player wins their fifth Challenge card, giving them 5 points. The game is over and that player is the winner.


This game comes with some really sturdy and great looking pieces. Seeing as the game is intended for younger players, everything is designed with durability in mind. The test tubes are made of thick see through plastic. The balls are very solid and brightly colored. The cards are a little thicker than normal so they too are good quality. The cards are well illustrated so that you can easily discern what each test tube should have in it. I really like the different pieces and think the durability and quality here is top notch. Everything is really nice looking and just the right size. Overall I like what you get with the game.
8 out of 10

The rulebook is rather small and folds up nicely to fit inside the same slot as the cards. The book has some cute scientist pictures as well as a couple of gameplay pictures. Everything is laid out really well with nothing that will be difficult to understand. Also included in the rules are some variations for playing the game a couple of different ways. There is an expert mode, puzzle mode and even a solo mode for playing by yourself. Although I don’t really get why anyone would play it solo. Still, it’s there if you wanted to. The cute artwork and fun look of the rules is really nice. Overall it’s pretty good.
8 out of 10

This is a light dexterity style kid’s game. It’s super easy to play. However if you’re a bit clumsy or fumble fingered like myself, you might have just a small bit of problems. As long as you don’t get in a too big of a hurry, the balls shouldn’t fall out of the test tubes. I think it only happened to myself, a couple of times. Even my daughter at 6 dropped a ball a couple of times. It takes a bit of time for the younger players to get the balls arranged just right, so as an adult, I simply go slow and really take my time to give her a better chance of completing the tasks first. The bright colored balls and the test tubes really captivated her attention. She really enjoyed it. This is not a strategic game or one that’s going to take up a lot of time. Needless to say, if you have younger players at home, this might be one that your kids will really enjoy. I would recommend it to parent’s of younger kids.
8 out of 10

Dr. Eureka is a simple and easy game that involves speed and dexterity. The game doesn’t take very long to play. Most game sessions last no more than 15 minutes. The components are top notch and really appeal to younger players. I have to say that I was intrigued by them myself. My daughter is a big fan of this game and loves playing it. It works really well with younger players. Teens might be ok for a game or two but after that it kind of becomes less interesting. I would recommend this game for parents with young children. It should really help them to develop some fine motor skills as well as their ability to process information and focus on a task. The best thing is that it entertains while doing it. Overall this is really well produced and great fun for the kids.
8 out of 10



For more information about this and other great games, please check out Blue Orange Games at their site.


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