Go7Gaming 51st State Master Set Storage Solution Product Review


Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a new product from Go7Gaming. That product was the 51ST-001 Storage Solution for 51st State Master Set. I received it in a flat rate shipping box. Inside I found a bundle of wooden sheets wrapped together in a large ziplock bag with some full color instructions explaining how to put everything together. After removing the sheets from the packaging and reading through the instructions, it was ready to assemble.

Now then, let me explain exactly what this product is and what it does. First off, this is an insert for the game 51st State Master Set. Once it’s assembled, the insert will make it possible to keep all of the many components and cards of the game organized. There is even plenty of extra room inside the box for other things. The insert looks great and everything fits really well inside the box. More on that later, for now let’s get into the thick of things. First off, let’s take a look at everything you get and the basic assembly of the insert. We’ll start off with separating out all the different wooden sheets. As you can tell, there are quite a few of them. Each piece is cut so that you can easily punch them out from the main sheet that they’re attached to.

Of course if you’ve ready any of my product reviews for Go7Gaming, you’ll already be aware of this. However for those new to the reviews, let me state this. You will absolutely want to have some glue to put the pieces together with. It’s an absolute necessity. In this review I won’t tell you when to glue pieces together. That’s pretty much redundant. Just know that if 2 pieces are being joined together, you’ll want to apply glue between them both. There, done. Moving on. Now that you’re informed, let’s start by assembling the main insert.

To build the main insert, you’ll start off by taking the short notched divider wall and connecting it between the to notched inner walls. Like so.


Next you’ll need to attach the inner tray wall. Like so.


Once you’ve got that done, you’ll attach the outer wall with the notches in it. Like so.


Next you’ll need to insert the tray support tabs into the 2 outer divider walls that are notched. In the picture below, you’ll see the tabs I refer to in the top part of those walls. Once you’ve got them in you can place the outer walls together with the other pieces. Make sure that the notches are in the right place, like so.


Finally, you’ll place the rear tray wall. You’re done with this section for now. Set it aside.


The next thing that you’ll build is the tray for the start player token. What you’ll do here is take the base and attach the long side walls to the base along with the side tabs. Once you’ve got it together, it’ll look like this.



Now you’ll need to assemble the two faction storage trays. Take the base and attach the long side wall to it. Next attach the two end tabs to the base and then the other long side wall. You’ll then attach the inner divider wall with the cut in the top. Once it’s in place you’ll attach the other inner divider wall. It should make room for 4 compartments in the tray. Like so.





The next thing you’ll need to assemble is the cardboard token storage tray. You’ll take the base with the correct names on it and attach the end wall. You’ll then need to attach the 2 long walls to the base. Next you’ll attach the other end wall.


Once that’s all in place, you’ll attach the two special dividers and the short divider that seperates the 2 sections. Make sure that you put these in the right place. You’ll then place the rest of the dividers. It should look like this when you’re done.



The last thing you’ll need to build is the wood token storage tray. Once again you’ll need the correct base with the token names on it. The end wall is connected to the base followed by the two side walls. You’ll then finish up with the other end wall. That’ll look like this.


You’ll then attach the 4 dividers giving you something that looks like this.



Now it’s just a matter of waiting for everything to dry and then putting it all together inside the box. The faction boards go in the top section followed by the cardboard and wooden token trays. You’ll place the two long token trays on top of each other above the faction boards. The two faction trays go in the middle followed by the start player tray. In this instance, I’ve placed it at the bottom so that you can better see the faction trays. You’ll also place your card dividers as you see fit. What you’ll end up with will be something kind of like this.


Normally I would describe the different components and pieces that comes in the game. Since this is an insert/organizer, I’ll describe the packaging and item instead. As I mentioned earlier, everything came in a flat rate shipping box. I’m very pleased with the packaging and how it arrived. Everything was packed very nicely with out any issues. The sheets of wood were nice and thick and removing the pieces was very easy. It wasn’t very difficult figuring out which pieces went together to form the different trays and insert. The instruction sheet was very good at laying everything out so you could tell what went together. You do need to have your own glue to put everything together and some tape wouldn’t hurt either. Just to hold things together while the glue dries. Regardless, assembly was not difficult. Overall the basic materials for this insert/organizer are great. I especially like how several of the bases have imprinted tags on them telling you which components belong inside the tray. I’m very happy with it. It’s excellent.
9 out of 10

This section of the review is where I’d normally go over the rules and rulebook of the game. Since this is an organizer/insert, I’ll cover the instructions that came with the product instead. The instructions came on a couple of sheets of paper that were included inside the box with the materials. There was a step by step process that was easy to follow and understand. There were plenty of pictures and references to the different pieces so that you could easily determine what pieces went to which tray. I didn’t find anything difficult and with such good instructions, I was able to complete the assembly fairly quickly. Overall I’m pleased with the instructions and found them very helpful and easy to work with.
9 out of 10

This section is used to explain how the game is played and give my thoughts on the game play. Instead of doing that, I’ll explain how the insert/organizer was assembled along with my thoughts on everything. Pretty much, the assembly was fairly simple and easy. It didn’t take long and with great instructions, it wasn’t difficult at all. The pieces are a little looser than what you’d normally find in most organizers or inserts of this nature from other companies. For this reason, I highly recommend using glue to attach everything together with. After you’ve got everything together, you’ll see that there’s plenty of room for expansions and such. I have the preorder edition of the game and there’s was STILL room left over to place more stuff. The only thing that I didn’t have a place or room for was the extra story book that was included. Not a major deal as I can put it in my bookshelf. However I normally like to keep everything together that came together. The trays are great as they make setup so much quicker and easier. There is a bit of added weight to the box but nothing so significant that it’s gonna cause a problem with. The wood that the insert is made from is a bit thicker and sturdier than most products of this type from other companies. I really like that. I also like how that the box lid closes completely with no bulging or other issues. Seeing as there is at least one expansion already planned for the game, it looks like I’ll be using some of the extra space and card dividers pretty soon. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the overall look and functionality of the insert. Everything has a place and fits nicely together inside the box. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has either the preorder or regular version of the 51st State Master Set. It’s a definite improvement.
9 out of 10

The Go7Gaming 51ST-001 Storage Solution for 51st State Master Set is a wonderfully designed insert/organizer for the game. It has plenty of room to fit all the pieces of either the retail or preorder versions of the game. There’s even lots of extra room for expansions, which are on the way soon. The assembly process was very simple and easy. I had no significant issues or problems while putting everything together. The instructions were crystal clear and easy to follow. Again, I had no issues with them either. As I’ve said in this and other reviews for Go7Gaming, you need to use glue to assembly this project. It’s a definite must. It won’t take long to assemble but allowing the glue to dry is a over night thing. I highly recommend this product to anyone that owns either version of 51st State Master Set, but it’s especially awesome for the preorder version. Overall I’m extremely thrilled with the product, just like all the products from Go7Gaming. I highly recommend you check out their products. You will not find nicer people or better products. Guaranteed. I’d give them an A+.
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other great products, please check out Go7Gaming at their site.


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