DC Deck Building Game: Crossover Pack 5 – The Rogues Expansion Review

DC Deck Building Game: Crossover Pack 5 – The Rogues is an expansion for The DC Deck Building Game by Matt Hyra and Nathaniel Yamaguchi, published by Cryptozoic Entertainment. It is for 2-5 players. This expansion adds lots of new cards and Super Villains to fight with, much like in the Forever Evil set.

For more information on the many different box sets that this product can be used with, please check out the link below.

Now before I actually go into what this adds to the game, let me give you a brief synopsis of how the game is played. Each player starts with a deck of 10 cards; 7 punch cards and 3 vulnerabilities and a starting hero, or in this case villain, that they’ll be playing as. They will shuffle these up and deal themselves 5 cards. Each turn the player will play their cards to gain power to be able to buy cards from the lineup or to try and defeat the super villain or in this case super hero from the deck. They’ll be trying to gain points and power up their decks to make them stronger. Their starting hero/villain gives them a special power that helps them on their turn, usually depending on the cards they played. Once the last card from the Super Villain/Super Hero deck is defeated, the game is over and the player with the most points from the cards and victory points they gained is the winner. That’s pretty much it.

So, what does this expansion add as far as the game goes. Well to begin with, there are 6 new oversized Super Villains based on the Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery that the player can use as their starting Villain, much like in the Forever Evil set that I mentioned earlier. Fans of the CW show will recognize many of the villians, including Captain Cold, the Trickster, Heat Wave and the Weather Wizard. There is also a 8 card Super Hero deck for the players to battle against that focuses on the Speedsters of the DC universe, including Max Mercury, Impulse and of course Wally West and the Flash himself. Also included are 23 new cards for the main deck that center around the Flash’s supporting cast as well as new equipment and powers for the Villains.

Setting up the game with this expansion is fairly simple. Players choose a Rogues super villain card. They should then choose one of the main box sets for the DC Deck Building Game. I personally chose the Forever Evil set as it made more sense. Players take the main deck and shuffle it. The deck is then split in half. The main deck cards from the expansion are shuffled into one of the stacks. That stack is then placed on top of the other one. The Super Hero cards that the players will battle against are placed in cost order from 8 to 15, with 8 placed on top. The rest of the rules for setup and playing the game remain the same.

It should be noted that this expansion introduces a new Keyword that is found on many of the cards and is on each of the Rogues Super Villain oversized cards. That keyword is Teamwork. This means that during a player’s turn, they can play the top card of any of their foe’s decks. Once the card leaves play, it is returned to the top of it’s owner’s deck. For the Super Villain cards, when Teamwork is used, that foe gains 1 victory point from the pool. This only happens when the Super Villain’s effect is used, not from cards in the main deck. Another thing that should be noted is that the new cards in the main deck do not have victory point values on them, instead they give the player points when they are bought or gained. This is noted by a gold band text box on each of the main deck cards.

As I’ve mentioned in the overview, the expansion includes several new cards for the main deck, as well as new super heroes to fight and oversized Super Villains to play as. The artwork on each card is great and looks ripped right from the comics. I love the look of each one. I like that there are different equipment and super power cards that coincide with the different villains to help them out. There’s also supporting cast members like Iris West and Patty Spivot included as well. The cards are very sturdy and compliment any of the boxed sets nicely. Thematically the cards are just what you’d expect for the Flash’s Rogue’s gallery set. The cards work well together and look amazing. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the look and feel of this expansion.
9 out of 10

The rulebook for this expansion is a simple rules card. It is the size of the oversized super villain cards. It basically explains how to add the expansion to any boxed set to be able to play, as well as explaining the new features and keyword that this expansion focuses on. There’s a couple of specific card clarifications to help understand some tricky wording on a few of the cards which is a nice addition. No pictures or examples included but that’s fine. The card does a more than adequate job of explaining everything. I find it’s great for keeping the expansion separate from the rest of my other sets and cards. Overall it gets the job done.
8 out of 10

Let me just start by saying, the Flash is my favorite DC super hero and the DC Deck Building Game is one of my favorite deck builders on the market. That said, you can expect that my love for this expansion was already gonna be high. Yes, I love it. I love the Rogue’s gallery and I’m so happy that an expansion was made focusing on this part of the DC universe. I’m especially happy to see the Trickster as a playable character. I’ve loved the character since I saw him played by Mark Hamill on the old Flash TV series. There’s definitely a lot of love put into this pack. But enough about me, how does it play? As I’ve mentioned, the new keyword for this set is Teamwork. The rules mention that the Rogues aren’t the most powerful villains around that’s why they have to team up to beat a super hero. Thematically, it makes perfect sense. By themselves, they aren’t too powerful. However as a team, they’re unstoppable. I like that each time the Teamwork attribute is used, it rewards the opponent whose deck was chosen to play a card from. Kind of like sharing the loot among your fellow compatriots. I have to say that I thought the idea of giving Victory Points during the game instead of at the end would be weird and make no sense. However you’ll need those points to use certain card’s effects to the fullest. After playing it a couple of times, I realize why you get those points now. I really like the expansion a lot. Fans of the DC Deck Building Game will love this expansion. Flash fans will find it a must buy. I highly recommend it myself. It’s a must have expansion in my opinion.
9 out of 10

DC Deck Building Game: Crossover Pack 5 – The Rogues is an expansion for The DC Deck Building Game. It adds 6 new playable Super Villains, 8 new Super Heroes to battle and 23 new cards for the main deck focused on the characters and villains from the Flash and his Rogue’s Gallery. Play time isn’t really affected much. Most game sessions still last around 30-45 minutes depending on the number of players. The cards are great. I absolutely love the look of the artwork on each one. Thematically everything really works. The expansion adds a new keyword that works well with the villains in this set. I like the look and feel that the expansion adds. I like how the Teamwork ability works and the bonuses given to other players as well. Thematically it makes sense. I really like all that this expansion brings to the table and find it to be an absolute must have. Fans of the DC Deck Building Game and especially the Flash will love to add this to their collection. I highly recommend it. Try to catch a copy, before it’s gone like a bolt of lightning.
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Cryptozoic Entertainment at their site.


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