Tem-Purr-A Review

Tem-Purr-A is a game by Kuraki Mura, published by IELLO. It is for 3-7 players. In this game, players take on the role of a cute fuzzy kitten that is competing in a eating contest. They will be trying to eat as much as possible without suffering from a bad case of indigestion. Of course their opponents will be trying to push them well past the limits that their stomach can hold by passing dishes in their direction. In the end, the player that can stave off the effects of indigestion the longest will be declared the winner.

To begin, the Indigestion and Play Direction tokens are placed in the middle of the play area. The Indigestion cards are placed near the Indigestion tokens. The Dish and Special cards are shuffled together to make the main deck. Five cards are dealt to each player. An Indigestion card is then added to the deck, which is shuffled again and then placed in the middle of the play area face down. The first player is chosen and play now begins.

The game is played over several rounds. Each round begins with the first player playing a Dish card from their hand face up in the middle of the play area to begin the stack. The next player in turn order then is able to take 1 of 4 actions. They may serve a dish, eat a mouthful, play an action card or skip a dish. To serve a dish, the player must simply play a card from their hand that matches the top card of the Dish stack onto the stack. To eat a mouthful, the player must draw as many cards as the sum of the Dish cards in play and then reveal them. If a player reveals an Indigestion card, the round ends. The player will then place any cards that are not Indigestion cards into their hand and discard the current stack. If they did not draw an Indigestion card they will place a card from their hand to begin a new stack. To play an action card, the player simply places the card on top of any Dish card on the stack. The +1 card causes the player to add 1 dish to the total of dishes to be eaten. The direction card causes the players to flip the Play Direction token over and reverse the direction of play. The skip card causes the player to be skipped and the next player in turn order continues play in that direction. Finally to skip a dish, the player must play 2 identical Dish cards. This allows them to place one on the stack and then discard it. The other card is then placed in the center of the play area to begin a new stack. Once the player has finished their action, play passes to the next player in turn order. It should be noted that player should check the Play Direction token for which way play passes. Also of note, if a player has no cards in their hand on their turn, they must draw 3 cards and then play their turn as normal. That is as long as they don’t draw an Indigestion card. If that happens, their turn ends just like normal and play passes to the next player.

The round continues until a player draws an Indigestion card. Once that happens, the player takes an Indigestion token and places it in front of themself. The current stack of cards is then discarded. The discard pile, deck and any revealed Indigestion cards are then shuffled together to form a new deck. The player that just received an Indigestion token can decide if they would like to add another Indigestion card to the deck or not. That same player will then choose a Dish card from their hand to start a new stack. The Play Direction token is reset back to clockwise play and a new round begins.

The game continues until a player receives their third Indigestion token. When that happens the game ends. Players check to see who has the fewest Indigestion tokens. That player is the winner.

This is absolutely one of the cutest games I’ve ever seen. The artwork on these cards is great. The different cat designs are just so adorable. My daughter simply adores these cards. When she first saw them she literally squealed in delight. I especially like the little chef cat on the different action cards and the Indigestion cards. The cards are really great quality and have a nice finish to them. The game also comes with some nice thick tokens as well. You have ones for Indigestion and the Play Direction token. These are good quality thickness and look good too. That’s pretty much everything that comes in the box. This is a fairly small box but it could have been even smaller as the deck isn’t that large and there aren’t that many tokens to keep up with. It could have almost came in something the size of a regular deck box, which would have made it a bit more portable. As it is, the game is still pretty small and can be carried around fairly easily. It won’t fit in your pocket but it’s still a good size. Overall, the cards and tokens are great. I think you will love the cuteness of it all.
9 out of 10

The rulebook for this one is fairly small, not just in size but in length too. It’s only got 8 pages, including front and back. There are several really cute pictures of cats throughout the book, as well as a great picture of the components and one of the game setup for play. There are also plenty of gameplay examples included as well. It’s really quick and simple to read through. There’s absolutely nothing difficult or hard to understand. I like the look and the feel of the book. It does a great job of covering everything in a very nice and simple way. Overall, a great job.
9 out of 10

Oh my goodness, what a cute game! That’s all that needs to be said. This is such a cute looking game and it’s fun too. My daughter was so excited when I showed her the box. She didn’t even want to wait for me to read the rules before we played it. That’s how excited she was about this one. Thankfully, she had a really great time playing it too. We both really like the take that aspect of the game. It’s like a suped up version of UNO with better cards and an actual way to end the game other than just saying, “I think I’m done playing.” The game can give you some tough decisions. Do you press your luck and go for more food to add cards to your hand or do you think that you might be getting to close to the Indigestion card, so you need to stop. It can be a bit tense flipping over those cards cause you’re just waiting for that Inidgestion card to show up and ruin your day. Thankfully the game has the whole 3 strikes and you’re out mentaility so you get to keep playing, at least till you get that third token. In any event, we both enjoy this one a lot. The game plays really fast and doesn’t take very long at all. The only bad thing that I’ve found is that there’s no 2 player version of the game. Many times my daughter and I like to play with just us, everyone else is usually too busy. So if I had a gripe, that would be it. Still, when you can get more players together it’s one that the whole family will enjoy, even Mom. Fans of take that card games like Nevermore or Munchkin will most likely enjoy this one too, especially if they like cute cats. Overall, this is a great game that I would definitely recommend.
9 out of 10

Tem-Purr-A is a fast playing take that style card game of push your luck with some of the cutest cat cards ever. The game doesn’t take long at all. Most game sessions last around 15 minutes. The artwork is very cute on the cards and the tokens. I especially like the chef cat on all the special cards. Of course my daughter like the 4 card with what she calls, “The Princess Kittie” on it. The game is a lot of fun and is one that the entire family can enjoy. I do wish that there had been a 2 player variant as well, but that would be my only gripe on an otherwise great game. Fans of take that and push your luck card games like Munchkin or Nevermore should really enjoy this one too. This is a game that I would definitely recommend. The kids will love it. It’s Purr-fect!
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out IELLO Games at their site.


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