Go7Gaming MKORO-001 Insert for Machi Koro Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from Go7Gaming. That product was the MKORO-001 Insert for Machi Koro. The insert came in a flat rate box. Inside there were a couple of laser cut wooden sheets inside a large ziplock bag. This also came with the MK-DIV-002 dividers. After looking for the instructions inside the package, I realized that I needed to go online for these as there were none included. After reading over everything, I was then ready to assemble the product.

First, let me explain what this product is and how it is used. To begin with, it’s an insert for the Machi Koro board game. This insert will hold all of the contents of the base game and all of the expansions. It also has room for future expansions. Once it’s been assembled, the insert makes it possible to keep all of the cards and tokens that come included in these boxes separate. The insert looks especially nice once it’s finished. Now then, let’s go ahead and get into how to assemble this insert. We’ll start off by separating out all the different wooden sheets. Each piece is cut so that you can easily punch it out from the main sheet that it’s attached to.

If you’ve read any of my reviews for Go7Gaming inserts, you already know that glue is pretty much a staple for building these things. It’s not an absolute necessity as you can use other things like tape, but it’s definitely the best option. With this review I won’t be telling you each time when to add glue to your pieces. Just be aware that if there are 2 pieces being put together, you’ll want to apply glue between them both. With that said, let’s begin the assembling process.

The first thing that you’ll want to do is to create the main insert. You’ll start by finding and laying the two long slotted pieces with two holes in them onto your work area. You’ll then need to attach the two middle dividers to the right side. Once you’ve got these pieces attached, it should look something like this.

You’ll then attach the two long pieces together using the middle dividers, like so.

You’ll then need to repeat this process for the two long slotted pieces with one hole in them, attaching the middle divider like so.

Next you’ll need to attach both these pieces together using the middle divider, just like we did with the other 2 pieces. Here’s how that should look.

With that done, you’ll then be able to attach both of these together using the 2 end pieces that have holes in the middle for the two inside slotted pieces. Once you’ve got those 2 pieces attached, it should look like this.

The next thing you’ll need to do is to assemble the 3 token and coin trays. You’ll start by laying out the base and then connecting the 2 long walls and 2 short walls to the base and to each other. Once you’ve got them together, it should make a tray like so.

You’ll repeat this process for the other 2 boxes as well. One thing to note, make sure that your slotted sections line up on the long pieces, otherwise you’ll have to take them apart and redo them. Once your 3 trays are completed, they should look like this.

You’ll then be able to place your divider into the trays, like so.

You can then add your cardboard coins, tokens and dice, like so.

With all that done, you can now place the main insert into your box, like so.

You’ll then be able to stack and place all 3 of your trays into the slot between the two dividers on the right of your box, like so.

You can add some dividers and the cards into the box, like so.

I then added my bags of plastic coins from an old Trivial Pursuit game into the top left and bottom right sections, along with some extra dividers in the top right.

Finally, place the rulebooks on top of the insert like so and you’re done.

In this section I would normally cover the different components of the game and how they look. However since this is an insert and not a game, I’ll describe the packing and insert instead. Everything came prepackaged in a flat rate shipping box. Inside the box, everything for this insert was placed inside a large zip lock style bag. Everything looked very nice and there were no problems with anything. The wooden sheets are nice and thick and are very easy to punch out for each of the different pieces. If you decided to use glue or tape, you’ll need to supply your own as the organizer does not come with any included. Assembling the product wasn’t all that hard and I’m pretty sure I could have figured it out, even without instructions. The simplicity of the insert made it possible to finish the assembly without any trouble. Overall the materials look great and everything is strong and durable. I’m very pleased with the overall look and feel of this product.
9 out of 10

In this section I would normally explain the rulebook of the game, going into detail about the different sections. Since this is an insert I will cover the instructions that came with the insert instead. This part is actually quite simple. There weren’t any. Basically I had to go online to the website, find the insert there and use the instructions found on the site to be able to assemble the insert. As I mentioned earlier, I think I could have probably figured it out without the instructions. After all, it is pretty much only a couple of sheets of wood. The parts are pretty much self explanatory. That said, I’m still thankful that there was a detailed process on the website that walked me through each step of assembling the insert. There were even pictures to help me out. Everything on the site was explained very well and I didn’t find it difficult to figure out what went where. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the instructions online, but I really wish I’d had a physical copy to use instead. For this case, I will give a double review. The first for the lack of instructions and the second for the actual instructions online.
0/8 out of 10

In this section, I would normally be explaining the game and how it’s played, along with my thoughts on the whole thing. Instead, I’ll give my thoughts on the assembly process and anything else that I feel is important to note. This insert wasn’t overly complex so it didn’t take a very long time to put together. Most everything was easy enough to figure out even without instructions. One thing to mention is that just like with all Go7Gaming inserts, this one is a bit loose around the joints and connections so be you’ll need to be aware of this and make sure that you have some glue or something to hold it all together. As you can tell from the pictures, there’s still a lot of extra room inside the insert, even with several expansions and all the pieces inside. That’s why I decided to keep my old Trivial Pursuit coins that I’d been using with the game and place them inside as well. This insert is perfect for adding any future expansions that might come out. As it is, I have a ton of extra dividers and plenty of extra space, so I say bring it on. I did go ahead and add a few extra dividers just to fill space and just in case I decide to divide the cards a little more than I’ve already done. As it is now, I just have the different expansion and base game cards separated. I may go back and further divide them later. Overall, this is a great insert and one that holds a lot of cards and all of the tokens and coins quite nicely. I’m very glad that I didn’t have to look for somewhere to keep my plastic coins either as I really like the bright colors for them and wanted to keep them with the game. Needless to say, I’m happy that this insert worked out as well as it did. It should make setting up and taking down any future games much quicker. I would recommend this insert for anyone that owns Machi Koro and any of the expansions for it. It’s much better than that weird circular insert that came with the base box. This one is well designed and looks good.
8 out of 10

The Go7Gaming MKORO-001 Insert for Machi Koro is a great product that really helps organize your expansions and main game for Machi Koro. It also has plenty of extra room for all of the tokens and coins that come with the game. The organizer has room for everything that comes in the core box and will hold both expansions as well as the standalone expansion. There’s even extra room in case the publisher decides to release any future expansions. The materials are nice and sturdy. They hold everything in a compact and organized way. The assembly process didn’t take a lot of time even with the lack of instructions. That part was definitely a minor frustration, but one that is easily dealt with. Thankfully I did find great instructions online after a bit of searching. Once assembled, the insert looks great and it gets the job done with plenty of extra space which is a big plus. There was even room for my plastic coins that I salvaged from a Trivial Pursuit game. This is an insert that I would definitely recommend for owners of Machi Koro, especially if they have any of the expansions or just want to get rid of that weird circular insert. Another added bonus is that the insert makes setting up and taking down the game a little faster. Overall I’m very pleased with the overall look and feel of the insert. My game is much better now than before.
8 out of 10


For more information about this and other great products, please check out Go7Gaming at their site.




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