Go7Gaming EH-002 Insert Kit for Eldritch Horror Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a couple of products from Go7Gaming. Those product were the EH-001 and EH-002 Insert Kits for Eldritch Horror. The inserts came in a flat rate shipping box. Inside there were several laser cut wooden sheets inside a large ziplock bag along with full color instructions on how to assemble them. After taking out the sheets and reading over everything, I was then ready to assemble the product. For this review, I will be mainly covering the EH-002 Insert Kit. The EH-001 Insert Kit was covered in an earlier review.

With that said, let me start by explaining what these are and how they are used. Well as mentioned earlier, these are inserts for the Eldritch Horror series of games. These will hold the contents of the base game and lots of expansions. The EH-001 insert is to be placed in the core game box, while the EH-002 can be used in one of the big box expansions. I’ve found that with everything that I currently have for the game, I was able to pretty much get everything into 1 box using just the EH-001 insert. Of course, the boards and rulebooks lifted the lid of the box rather high. With the EH-002 Insert, this is meant to be used in one of the large expansion boxes, but can also be substitued in place of the EH-001 insert for the core game. Anyway, let’s get into the actual assembly process and we can discuss everything else a bit later. To start off, you’ll want to separate all the different wooden sheets so that you can more easily recognize what pieces go with what build. Each of the separate pieces are all easy to punch out of the sheets so there shouldn’t be any problems there.

Now I should state that if you’ve read any of my reviews for any of the Go7Gaming inserts, you probably know that glue is pretty much required, or at the very least highly recommended. While not an absolute necessity, it’s definitely the best option. With this review I won’t be telling you each time pieces are to be glued. Just be aware that if I’m dicussing the attachment of 2 pieces, then you’ll want to apply glue between both of them. For this Insert Kit, I decided to go with Gorilla All Purpose Household Glue. It’s fairly cheap and dries clear and strong. For me, it worked rather well and was easy to use. Now then, let’s go ahead and get into the assembly process.

We start off by assembling the large card tray. This is done by taking the base and attaching the slotted outer wall. Next the end wall is connected to the base and the slotted outer wall. Once these are together, the other slotted outer wall and end wall can both be attached in this order. Once these are completed, it should look something like this.

There are two of these to assemble, so the process above is repeated on the second large card tray. It’s recommended to place a divider 2-3 spaces away from each end when drying to ensure a better fit.

The next thing to assemble is the small card tray. The assembly process for this tray is just like the large card trays. Attach the slotted walls to the base, along with the end walls and that’s it. When you’re done, it should look like this.

The last two trays to assemble are the two token trays. These are assembled the same way, so just repeat the instructions for the second one and you’re golden. First attach the outer wall to the base, then connect the end wall to both pieces. Now you’ll need to attach the other outer wall and the other end wall. Once you’ve got it all together, it’s recommended to placed the dividers into the tray to ensure a better fit. Don’t forget to repeat everything for the second tray. When you’re finished, it should look something like this.

After everything has had time to dry, each of the pieces can then be placed inside the game box. Since I don’t have one of the big box expansions to place this in, I took pictures of what it all looks like together. I also added some of the cards, tokens and other pieces into the trays to give you a reference for size and such. With all this completed, this project is done.

In this section I would normally go over the different components of the game and how each one looks. Since this is an insert, I’ll describe the packing and insert instead. Everything came prepackaged in a flat rate shipping box. Inside the box, everything for this insert was placed inside a large zip lock style bag. Everything looked very nice and there were no problems with anything. The wooden sheets are nice and thick and are very easy to punch out for each of the different pieces. If you decided to use glue or tape, you’ll need to supply your own as the organizer does not come with any of these items included. As noted above, I used Gorilla All Purpose Household Glue. It worked really well for me and I’ve rather pleased with the overall results. Assembling the product wasn’t hard at all. Pretty much the whole thing is just a series of creating 4 sided trays. Of course some require dividers, but that’s easy enough to work with. The insert took a very short time to assemble, which I liked a lot. Overall I feel that the materials look great and everything is strong and durable. I’m very pleased with the overall look and feel of this product.
8 out of 10

In this section I would normally explain the rulebook of the game, covering the layout and details of each page. Since this is an insert I will go over the instructions that came with the insert instead. The instructions came on a single double sided sheet of paper. The only side that had any instructions was the back side of the paper. On it there was a detailed process, walking you through each step of assembling the insert along with plenty of pictures to see how each piece should look. Everything is explained quite well and I didn’t find it difficult to understand at all. Everything is well written and looks good. I did have a few questions about where each piece should go, but after looking to the website for inspiration, I figured it out pretty easily. Granted, I’ve been able to place pretty much everything that I have for the game inside the core game’s box along with the EH-001 insert kit. However I did have some issues with the amount of normal sized cards, which I may end up having to break down and place inside these trays. As you can see in the pictures, I simply put a few cards and tokens to give a bit of a reference. I honestly think that this will hold most everything from the core game along with some expansions, if you chose to go this route instead of the EH-001. Either way, I think it just really depends on what all you’re trying to store inside the box. In the end, I’m quite pleased with the instructions.
8 out of 10

In this section, I would normally explain the game and how it’s played, as well as my thoughts on the whole thing. Instead, I’ll give my thoughts on the assembly process and anything else that I feel is important to note. To begin with, the insert wasn’t very difficult to put together and it didn’t take all that long either. Of course with any of the Go7Gaming inserts, this one is a bit loose around the joints and connections so be sure that you have some glue or something to hold it all together. As I mentioned, I used Gorilla All Purpose Household Glue which did an awesome job. As I mentioned earlier, you can see in the pictures kind of how it all looks together. Hopefully that’ll give you enough of an idea of how this would work with what you may have. For me, it may end up being used to hold some of those normal sized cards since there’s no way to keep them all separated in the EH-001 insert. One more thing I’d like to note is that like the EH-001, this one als has a ton of extra dividers so if you choose to better organize your cards, you can. Overall, this is a really great insert and one that holds a lot of stuff. If you’ve got one of the large box expansions like Mountains of Madness or Under the Pyramids, then I’m sure this would fit inside that box very well and hold things excellently. This is one that I would recommend for anyone that owns Eldritch Horror and has at least one of he big box expansions. This is one that is very well designed and looks great.
8 out of 10

The Go7Gaming EH-002 Insert for Eldritch Horror is a great product that really helps organize your game quite well. It will fit in either the core game box or in one of the large box expansions. It has plenty of room for cards and components. The materials are strong, sturdy and easy to assemble. They hold everything in an organized way. The assembly process didn’t take a lot of time, which was a major plus. Once assembled, the insert looks great. This is one that I would recommend for owners of Eldritch Horror and at least 1 of the big box expansions. Basically I think this one is better used for extra pieces that the EH-001 can’t hold and might not function as well for just the base game. Overall I really like the design and am wishing that I hadn’t tossed all of my expansion boxes.
8 out of 10


For more information about this and other great products, please check out Go7Gaming at their site.




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