Go7Gaming LGC-003v2 Insert Kit and LGC-003 SCARD Kit Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a couple of products from Go7Gaming. Those products were the LGC-003v2 Insert Kit and LGC-003 SCARD Kit for the LCG card games from Fantasy Flight Games. I also received a couple of the LGC-DIV-009 dividers as well. These all came together in a flat rate shipping box. Inside all the bags were shrink wrapped together. In the insert bag there were several laser cut wooden along with a full color set of instructions on how to assemble it. The SCARD Kit had smaller wooden sheets and a set of color instructions as well. After taking out the sheets and reading over everything, I was then ready to assemble the product.

Let me begin by explaining what these are and how they are used. As I mentioned earlier, these are inserts for the Fantasy Flight series of LCG games. Specifically these work with the smaller core box sets like in Arkham Horror, A Game of Thrones 2nd edition or Warhammer 40000 Conquest. These will hold the contents of the base game and several expansions. The LGC-003v2 insert is to be placed inside the core game box, while the LGC-003 SCARD kit is used inside of this insert. I’ve found that this works out quite well with the cards that I currently have from two big expansions, a couple of the single run scenarios and all 5 of the investigator decks. At this point I was able to pretty much get everything into the box. Of course, the insert lifts the lid of the box a bit high, so it’s just something to be aware of. With all that said, let’s get into the specifics of the assembly process. To start off with, you’ll want to separate all the different wooden sheets so that you can more easily recognize what pieces are what. Each of the separate pieces are quite easy to punch out of the sheets so you should have no problems.

At this point, I should mention that if you’ve read any of my reviews for any of the Go7Gaming inserts, you will realized that glue is pretty much required, or at the very least highly recommended. While not an absolute necessity, it’s definitely the best option. With this review I won’t be telling you each time pieces are to be glued. Just be aware that if I’m discussing the attachment of 2 pieces, then you’ll want to apply glue between both of them. For this Insert Kit, I decided to go with Gorilla All Purpose Household Glue. It’s fairly cheap and dries clear and strong. For me, it worked rather well and was easy to use. If you look closely, you’ll notice some glue remnants. That would be because I took several of the pictures prior to the glue drying. So without further ado. let’s go ahead and get into the assembly process.

We will start off by assembling the token tray. First off the center tray divider is connected to the tray base, like so.

Next the long tray walls on each side are attached to the tray base, connecting them with the center tray divider, like so.

Once that’s done, the tray end walls are attached to the tray base and connected to both sides of the long tray walls, like so.

After everything is finished, a couple of the splitter walls can be placed inside the token tray to better adjust the tray. The tray lid can be placed on after it’s all had time to dry. What you will most likely have is something like this.

This brings us to the largest portion of the build, which is the insert itself. To build it, we start off with the insert base and the two inner divider lanes, which should be connected together, like so.

The two insert end walls are then attached to the base and connected to the two center divider lanes, like so.

Finally the two outer divider lanes are attached to the base and connected to both of the end walls, like so.

The last thing to do here is to add some of the dividers and let everything dry. What you should end up with is something kind of like this.

With that completed, I should now mention the SCARD kit and how it’s assembled for the insert. This is really quick and simple. We start off by connecting the center tab strut to the wall, like so.

Next the divider is slid onto the center strut to give you more than two storage areas, like so.

Once the whole thing has had time to dry, you can then connect it to the wall of the main insert, like so. If you still need more areas for storage, you can keep adding more walls like this or possibly even attach them to any previously assembled. I chose to only do the one and then to place one of the insert dividers next to it to help make it more stable.

After everything has had time to dry, you can then begin to place all of the cards inside the insert and adjust the dividers as needed. Here’s how mine looks after placing everything together.

I also added all of my custom pieces and removed the chaos tokens from my box, since I mainly use the app on my phone for this.

As you can see, the lid and the bottom of the box don’t quite mesh up, but I think it works. The rulebooks and rules sheets make things a little off, but not enough to make a difference. This completes the project.

In this section I would normally cover the look and feel of each of the different components. With this being an insert review, I’ll instead describe the insert and how it was packed instead. Everything came prepackaged in a flat rate shipping box. Inside the box, everything was wrapped with shrink wrap and placed inside large zip lock style bags. Everything looked very nice and there were no problems with the packaging. The wooden sheets are thick and sturdy and are very easy to punch out the different pieces for each one. If you decided to use glue or tape, you’ll need to supply your own as these insert kits do not come with any included. As I mentioned earlier, I used Gorilla All Purpose Household Glue. It has worked really well for me with previous builds and I’ve been quite happy with the overall results. Assembling these products was not hard at all, as you’ve already seen. The inserts took a very short time to assemble, which I was very happy about. Overall I feel that the materials are great quality and everything is strong and durable. To sum it up, I’m very pleased with the overall look and feel of this product.
8 out of 10

For this section, normally I’d be explaining the game’s rulebook. With this being a product review for an insert, I will cover the instructions that came with it instead. The instructions for both the insert and the SCARD kit came on single double sided sheets of paper that were basically folded in half. Both of them had full color instructions with a very detailed process on how everything should fit together. This included diagrams showing how each piece fits together and pictures of the different wooden sheets labeled for ease of assembly. That last part is always a big help. Just looking at the sheets, I sometimes get confused on which piece is which. Thankfully the instructions are there with each piece labeled to help me out. Everything was explained very well and I didn’t find it difficult to understand at all. Needless to say with the help of the instructions I was able to make short work of the assembly process. Overall, I’m very pleased with how easy the instructions were to follow.
8 out of 10

With this section, I would normally be explaining how the game played along with any thoughts I had about it. For this review, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the assembly process instead. To start with, the assembly process was quite simple and didn’t take a very long time to complete. As with most of the Go7Gaming inserts, a bit of glue is needed, as the joints are a bit loose and tend to not hold without it. For this project, I used Gorilla All Purpose Household Glue which has done a very good job for me so far. I’ve used it with the last couple of projects that I’ve built and have been quite happy. The middle pieces of the main insert seemed a bit warped or crooked, as I’ve noticed in some of my previous builds. Thankfully I was able to work it out when I connected the end pieces. That helped straighten them out enough to be able to work the token tray inside the box. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I currently have two big expansions, a couple of the single run scenarios and all 5 of the investigator decks. I separated each of these with dividers for now to keep each one separate. I may end up going back and dividing up the investigator cards from the story cards and locations. For now however, I’m finding it fairly easy to find what I’m looking for. I’m also considering adding some cardstock dividers for each section to be able to see each card type at a glance. In any event, you can see from the pictures that everything has worked out quite well. This holds a good bit of stuff, but I can see that I’ll need more room soon. There are a few things I’d like to point out though. First, with the shallowness of the game box, the insert extends well past the box bottom. As a matter of fact, the lid just does come down over the lip of the box bottom now. Adding the rulebooks, campaign guides and other sheets from the different expansions makes the lid move up a bit higher, but it still holds everything really well. You can see examples of this in some of the pictures shown along with this review. I’d also like to mention that I did remove some of the cardboard pieces like the chaos tokens from the box. That’s because I upgraded a lot of stuff from purchases I made on Etsy and because I mainly use the app for the chaos tokens. As for the SCARD kit, it’s great for taking care of those small euro sized cards like the investigator tokens. I just used one of these as I don’t have a lot of the smaller cards at the moment. Overall I’m very pleased with how everything turned out and I’m glad that I have a better way of keeping things together than those old ziplock style bags. This is one that I would highly recommend for owners of the Arkham Horror card game, especially if they have any expansions. It’s well designed and does a great job.
8 out of 10

The Go7Gaming LGC-003v2 Insert Kit and LGC-003 SCARD Kit for the LCG card games from Fantasy Flight Games are great products that help to organize your game. The main insert does a good job of holding a lot of cards inside the small core box. The added SCARD kit takes care of the small euro sized cards. Everything is good and sturdy and was quite easy to assemble. The assembly process was fairly short which is always a bonus. I think once everything was assembled it looked great. I would like to note that the insert does raise the lid up a good bit but it still holds everything inside. I realize that not everyone will probably like how this is set up, but for me it does a lot better job than that long card box I bought to hold everything in, plus it looks better too. This is one that I would highly recommend for someone just starting out with one of these LCG games, like Arkham Horror the card game. It holds a good bit, but you’ll definitely be needing more space fairly quickly. Overall I really like how well the insert is designed and am very pleased with the whole thing. This is a great product that definitely deserves an A+.
8 out of 10

For more information about this and other great products, please check out Go7Gaming at their site.



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