Bible Bingo Review

Bible Bingo is a game by Bible Games Central. It is for 2-24 players. In this game, players will be playing the classic game of Bingo but using the books of the Bible instead of numbers. In the end, the first player to connect five squares in a row and call out “BIBLE BINGO” will be declared the winner.

To begin, each player is randomly given a Bible Bingo card. For fewer players, more than 1 card may be given to each player. A handful of Bingo chips are also given to each player. Players will start by placing a single Bingo chip on the Free Space in the middle of their Bible Bingo card. The remaining Bingo chips are placed within reach of all players. One player will not receive any Bible Bingo cards and is instead chosen to be the game leader. This player is given the Bible Bingo Calling card deck, which they will then shuffle together. Once all players are ready, play now begins.

During the game, the game leader will draw a card from the Bible Bingo Calling card deck. Once drawn, the leader then calls out the book of the Bible and the section that it falls under; for instance – Old Testament – Poetry or New Testament – Letters from Paul. Players check their Bible Bingo card and if they have that particular book of the Bible on their card, they will place a chip on the corresponding square. The leader will then draw another card and repeat this process over and over again.

The game continues until one player places Bingo chip on five squares in a row. This can be vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. Once a player does this they will then call out, “Bible Bingo!” The first player to do this will be declared the winner.

This game consists of a big stack of Bingo cards, a deck of calling cards and a huge bag of Bingo chips. Each Bingo card is quite large and double sided, providing lots of different configurations. Unlike regular Bingo cards, these don’t have letters along the top and numbers in each space. Instead the cards are divided into a top and bottom section and several individual sections in each. The top section is for the Old Testament of the Bible and it’s divided into 5 different columns of 3 spaces each. The columns are Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets and Minor Prophets. The Poetry section contains the Free Space. The bottom section is for the New Testament and it consists of 3 sections. The sections are Gospels & History, Letters from Paul and General Letters & Prophecy. The first section is a single column of 2 spaces, while the other 2 are 2 columns each of 2 spaces. Each section from both the New Testament and Old Testament is outlined in a specific color that matches the color bar at the bottom of the corresponding calling card. Speaking of calling cards, each individual card matches the illustration and color of each space on the Bingo card. So for instance, the New Testament book of Matthew has a red color bar on it and the art depicts a cross with a crown on it. The same image and color that is randomly on the Bingo cards. The artwork and designs are a bit simplistic but they convey the corresponding book of the Bible fairly well. The cards are a little bit thin which hopefully won’t cause an issue after repeated plays. So far, it’s not been a problem. The Bingo chips are dark green plastic discs that are see through. Like with anything of this nature, it doesn’t take much of a bump to make the discs slide off the card. I think a lot of this is due to the finish on the cards and the smoothness of the discs. For this reason, I simply recommend laying out each card in front of the caller as they’re read out. This way, if the player bumps their card, the caller can go back over the ones they’ve already called out. Personally I feel that component wise, the game looks and feels pretty nice. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the layout and designs of the Bingo cards or the calling cards. I also wasn’t a big fan of the artwork either. It felt a bit too simple for me. However seeing as this is a game designed for younger players, it’s something that I’m willing to overlook. For me, it think it will appeal to children, parents and Sunday School teachers.
7 out of 10

The rulebook for this game is a lot longer than it has to be. There are only 2 pages of actual rules for the game. The remaining 11 pages consist of an overview of the different books of the Bible. Each page is dedicated to one of the different sections like Law or Prophecy and it gives a summary of what each is about. I like that this is there and that kids, parents and teachers unfamiliar with what each is about can read through a quick overview of each one. The book contains several pictures, most of which are the simple designs shown on the calling and Bingo cards. There aren’t any examples, but this is Bingo so it should be pretty easy to figure out. With the layout of the game, I would have like a possible gameplay variant or something of that nature. Unfortunately, there’s just the basic rules of Bingo included. Overall, the book explains everything quite simply and even provides history and and references for the Bible. I think it does a good job, even though it’s a bit longer than I’d have expected.
7 out of 10

If you’ve ever played Bingo before, then this won’t be all that new to you. The game only has a few differences from the classic game. For one, the player boards are set up a little different, as described above. That means that instead of calling out letters and numbers, the caller calls out either Old or New Testament followed by the section and then the book of the Bible. For instance, Old Testament – Law – Genesis or New Testament – General Letters & Prophecy – Revelation. It takes a bit of getting used to and for the first play through it’ll throw you. After that, it’s not a big deal and you’ll have it all figured out. Just like regular Bingo, this one can be played with a lot of people. The game includes enough cards for up to 24 players making it great for family get togethers and Sunday School classes. It’s simple and fun for players of all ages. I will say that if you don’t like Bingo, then this game won’t change your mind. It’s Bingo. It’s a highly luck driven game that’s simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. Fans of Bingo that are looking for a more religious theme will like this one. As previously noted, it’s one that should appeal to children, parents and Sunday School teachers. Veteran gamers will most likely pass on this game as it simply doesn’t have any strategy or decisions to be made. It’s merely luck based. For me, it’s one that I enjoy playing with my kids for that reason alone I’d recommend it.
6 out of 10

Bible Bingo is a very light weight version of the classic game of BINGO. The game is very quick and doesn’t take more than about 10 minutes or so to play. The components are nice but the artwork is a little simplistic. The cards are a little thin but they’re not it’s not that big of a deal since they’re only used to call out the books of the Bible with. The rulebook is a lot longer than it has to be, but it does contain some nice Biblical overviews. The game itself is very simple and luck driven. If you’ve played Bingo, then you’ll quickly understand this game. This one is family friendly and would be great for using in a children’s Sunday School class or for home schooling with a Bible curriculum. Players looking for a deep strategy game won’t find it here, but fans of Bingo will enjoy this take on the game. This is one that I’d recommend for either of the situations noted above, or even for parents looking for something simple to play with their kids. It’s worth checking out.
7 out of 10


For more information about this and other great games, please check out Bible Games Central at their site.


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