Legendary Metal Coins – Cthulhu Coin Set Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to check out an amazing looking product from Drawlab Entertainment. That product was the Cthulhu Coin Set from their Legendary Metal Coins line. Here are my thoughts and opinions on the product. Enjoy!

First off let me explain exactly what the product is and give you some more details about it. To begin with this is a pack of 24 metal coins. There are 6 gold, 8 silver and 10 copper coins included. They’re each a little over 3 mm thick and vary in diameter from 29.4 mm to 29.6 mm. These can be used with any Horror based board game or role playing game. They work especially well with those based around the Cthulhu Mythos or any other Lovecraftian style game. Apart from that, there’s not a lot more to explain. Instead I’ll show you some pictures of the thickness and size of these coins.

Next I’ll show you the different designs on the front and back of these coins. To be honest, I’m not sure which is which.

In this section I’ll try to give you a better understanding of the actual coins themselves. Each coin in the set is quite hefty and has a good feel to it. They are extremely well made and each coin’s design is very intricate. The copper and gold coins have had their designs cut deeply into the metal giving a raised feel to them. The silver coins are a bit more smooth and not as deeply cut. The finish on each one isn’t overly shiny which is well designed for the theme. I think shiny coins would have been less attractive and would not have worked as well with the Cthulhu theme. As you can tell from the pictures these coins are fairly thick and large. They’re a little thicker and larger than a quarter. Honestly, these feel really good in your hand and make a very satisfying deep clink when put together. I think they look absolutely amazing and the quality is out of this world. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of them. Overall the materials are outstanding.

10 out of 10

No instructions needed with these, simply take them out of the plastic bag and play with them however you like.

So as mentioned earlier, these can be used with any horror style game from The Call of Cthulhu RPG or any of the Fantasy Flight Arkham Horror style games. For me, I plan to use these with my Arkham Horror Card Game. I think they’ll work great as spell tokens, clue and doom tokens and especially as investigator action tokens. I think they’d work great with Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror as well. As you can see from the various pictures with my game, they look really nice alongside the other pieces. My son has said that he’d like to use them with his role playing buddies as they’ve just started playing Call of Cthulhu a few weeks ago. He thought they’d be great pieces to use during the game to interact with. Having used various coins and such while playing D&D back in the day, I think he’s absolutely right. The deeply compelling stories from a game of that nature paired with things like these coins that you can actually interact with make for an even more immersive experience. Needless to say, his friends are going to be rather jealous when they see them. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos will love these coins simply for the overall beauty of the designs, while RPG gamers and board gamers will find they have many uses when paired with the right game. Overall, these look simply gorgeous and will be used in lots of various ways, most notably with my Arkham Horror card game and my son’s gaming group. I highly recommend them and I couldn’t be happier with the set. However if Cthulhu or horror games aren’t up your alley, there are tons of different coin sets available from Drawlab Entertainment to suit whatever type of game you prefer to play.

10 out of 10

The Cthulhu coin set from Drawlab Entertainment’s Legendary Metal Coins line is a collection of high quality gaming coins that work well with both RPG and board games alike. The coins are very high quality. They are thick, heavy and intricately designed for beauty as well as functionality. I love the choice to go with a duller finish, as a shinier finish wouldn’t have worked with the them in my opinion. These particular coins work best with horror style games like Call of Cthulhu the RPG or any of the Arkham Horror style games from Fantasy Flight. For me, I’m using them with my Arkham Horror card game, while my son will use them with his gaming group to play Call of Cthulhu. Needless to say this is a set that I highly recommend. These are a great addition to any game night, however if you’re not into this type of game, then Drawlab Entertainment has lots of other coin sets that will fit whatever type of them you’re looking for. I highly recommend checking them out and finding a set for your own game. Trust me. You will not be disappointed.

10 out of 10

For more information about this and other great products, please check out Drawlab Entertainment at their site.


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