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Recently I was given the opportunity to check out an upcoming new game on Indiegogo. I received a copy of the rules and a print and play version of the game. This is my thoughts and opinions on the presented materials. Enjoy!

Sweet Sabotage is a game designed by Charles Cue, published by White Ravens. It is for 2-6 players. In this game, players are maids or butlers that are trying to serve the most customers by completing and presenting them their chosen dessert. The player that can earn 10 favor points first will be declared the winner.

To begin, each player takes a player mat and either chooses or randomly draws a staff card. The different decks are shuffled separately. The customer queue and ingredient queue boards are set up in the middle of the play area. The customer queue board is filled up with dessert and customer cards that are drawn from their respective decks. The ingredient chips are placed in the ingredient bag and mixed up. Ingredients are then drawn from the bag to fill up the ingredients queue. Each player then draws 4 ingredients and places them on their player mat. Play now begins.

On a player’s turn, they begin by drawing 2 ingredients from the ingredient bag. These are placed on their player mat. The player then has 5 action points that they can spend on 4 different actions. The first action is to bring a customer and their adjacent dessert from the customer queue to their player mat by paying the AP cost at the bottom of the board. The player can buy an ingredient from the ingredient queue by paying the AP cost underneath it on the board. The player can attach an ingredient from their inventory for 1 AP. They can also draw a sabotage card and play it immediately for 3 AP. Player’s can complete a dessert at any time, as long as all the required ingredients have been filled. No AP is spent on this. The player then gains favor points as dictated by the card.

Once a player has spent their 5 AP, the end phase occurs. 4 things happen in order. First, their customer’s end turn abilities are done, if there are any. Next, all of the player’s customers’ patience is reduced by one. Customers with 0 patience are removed along with their dessert and any ingredients attached. Customers and ingredients are then slid down into the next available slot. Finally, any empty slots are filled with new customers, desserts and ingredients. It is then the next player’s turn. The first player to reach 10 favor points is the winner.


There are lots of really great looking components with this game. The cards are all really nice looking. The artwork has a really great anime style to it. I really like all the different customer cards and the variety of them all. The ingredients look just like you’d expect ingredients to look. The player mats have a really interesting design to them. The customer and ingredient boards all look like they were inspired by the local tea or coffee house. I really love the look of each piece and look forward to seeing them all fully realized. Since this was all print and play components, I’m not exactly certain if the same designs will hold true with the finished product. If it does, this will be a great looking game.
9 out of 10

The rulebook that I received was exclusively for the PnP. Even though it’s a prototype, everything was clearly communicated through the use of pictures and examples. There are lots of pictures and everything was explained perfectly. I’m assuming that there will be a better looking rulebook included with the finished product. Either way, this one wasn’t bad.
9 out of 10

The game itself is really simple and easy to play. It has a lot of great artwork that gives a great anime feel to everything. Looking at this game, I’m reminded of the game Fish Cook, especially in how that you are getting ingredients to make dishes and then scoring points when you do so. Of course any cooking game will probably have that same feel to it. The game also makes me think of Marvel Legendary a bit with the sliding customers and there special end phase abilities. Both of those are great games so to see bits of those in this game, makes this even more interesting. I really like how cool everything is with this game. The game only takes about 45 minutes or so, based on how many players you have. I really look forward to seeing how great the finished product looks and feels to play.
9 out of 10

Sweet Sabotage is a light game of anime goodness with a cooking feel to it. Fans of anime and manga like Mahoromatic and Black Butler will most definitely love the art, design and feel of the game. Anyone who likes cooking games like Ristorante Italia or Fish Cook will most likely like this as well. I’m really in love with the art and design of the game and am really looking forward to seeing it in a full production quality form. The game did not reach it’s funding on Indiegogo but the designer assures me that this is not a problem. They are simply going to produce less copies than they had originally intended. Still, if you can get a copy of this, I’d say do it. It is a really awesome looking game. I’d say that this game has a lot of potential as does the White Ravens game company. Excellent design.
9 out of 10


For more information about this game, please check out the Indiegogo page for Sweet Sabotage.
You can also get more information on White Ravens games at their Facebook page.

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