Super Fantasy Rumble Review


Super Fantasy Rumble is a game designed by Luis Lugo and Miguel Lugo, published by Passion Project Studios. It is for 2-4 players. In this game, players will be battling it out in a Saturday morning cartoon and video game world. They will be leading their fighters to eliminate their opponents fighters. The player that can rumble the best will be declared the winner.

To begin, the roster and rumble cards are separated. They are then further separated into leader and warrior cards. The cards are shuffled. Players will then randomly draw a certain amount of Leaders and Warriors as determined by the number of players. Players will take both the rumble and roster cards for each fighter. The board is laid out. Roster cards representing their fighters are placed out beside the board with a red die above each. Leaders are placed at the top with 6 health while warriors are placed below with 5 health. Players receive 3 movement cards which are placed below the board on each side, representing dash, castling and slide. The two blue dice are placed within easy reach of all players. Play now begins.

The game is played in two halves. The second half doesn’t begin until only 6 fighters remain between all players. The first player is randomly decided. That player then decides whether they would rather place and attack first in the first or second half. Once this is decided, players will place their rumble fighter cards on the board facing themselves in turn order. Once all the fighters are on the board, the chosen player begins their attack. Fighters are allowed to attack once per turn, if possible. To attack, a player must first declare the type of attack before rolling any dice. The fighter can only attack in the direction of the card’s action point. Getting your fighter in the correct position is done by using the movement cards. After using the movement card, the player will flip it over to show it’s been used. From this point, the player rolls the dice in an attempt to roll lower than the cost of the ability used. Once the fighter’s attack is over, the roster card of that fighter is flipped to show it’s been used. Once a fighter has been destroyed, it’s removed from the game. This continues back and forth with players attacking each other until only 6 fighters remain on the board.

This takes us to the second half of the game. Players will pick up their remaining fighters and move them to the blue highlighted 3×3 rumble grid. The rest of the battle takes place only in the blue highlighted areas. The player that went second in the first half gets to attack first this time. The game continues until all of the opponents fighters have been destroyed. When this happens, the game is over and that player is the winner.


The game is very cartoonish in look and feel. There’s a very sturdy board with the game grid on it. It’s kind of plain looking but is a great place to set up your characters without getting confused. There are some red and blue dice. These are pretty nice and are a nice way of keeping track of life points. That leaves the cards. There are roster and fighter cards for each character as well as the 6 movement cards (3 for each side of the board). These are really nice looking and have that really nice glossy finish on them. The artwork is very reminiscent of those old 80’s cartoons and video games that we all grew up loving as a kid. I really like the look and feel of the pieces. They kind of transported me back to my childhood.
8 out of 10

The rulebook is very artistically done. There are lots of pictures and examples throughout the book. There is a bit of a problem though. While every piece and action is described and explained well, it just felt that it jumped around and wasn’t streamlined like I would have liked. You really have to flip back and forth through pages to get the complete idea of the game. Even setup required flipping from the front to the back of the book to completely get everything in line. Of course once I figured out how to play, it was no problem at all. Not the best design ever, but it gives you the idea of what to do and at least it looks good.
7 out of 10

This is a fun game of skirmish style battles. In many ways it feels a lot like Pack of Heroes. The main difference is in the way that your fighters move and look. I really like the strategic way that it plays. Each fighter has their own unique abilities and points of attack. Once you get to the second half of the game, things get much more intense. Without having as far to move, lining up the right attack is critical. It doesn’t take that long to play either. Most sessions last around 30 minutes or so. It’s quite fun and doesn’t take a lot of thinking to it. It’s easy enough that pretty much anyone can play. In short, the game is fun with a great retro feel to it.
8 out of 10

Super Fantasy Rumble is a light game of skirmish style combat in card form. The game isn’t very long and can usually be completed in about 30 minutes. The artwork and design has a very retro 80’s cartoon feel to it. The game is not difficult and plays a lot like Pack of Heroes. Fans of that game should enjoy this one as well. There’s a lot of player interaction as the main idea is to destroy your opponent’s characters. Unfortunately the rule book is a little bit rough around the edges in game flow. Even with that minor problem, the game is still quite fun. I think that a lot of players will get that feeling of deja vu as they use characters that are very similar to those that they remember from their childhood. I like the game and think that you might as well.
8 out of 10


For more information about this game, please check it out at the game’s web site.

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