The Adventure Case by Dog Might Games Product Review


Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from Dog Might Games. That product was a masterpiece of craftsmanship know as The Adventure Case. Here are my thoughts and opinions on the product. Enjoy!

Now then, let me explain exactly what the product is and give you some more details about it. To begin with, The Adventure Case is designed to organize your gaming supplies for table top role playing gmes like Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons and the like. It’s a multi-use case that acts as a dice tray for rolling dice in, a storage box for holding all your supplies like your pencil, dice and cards of various kinds and it’s a player/DM screen. The version that I received was built of White Ash wood. It has felt lining inside to keep everything all nice and protected without scratching up your stuff. Everything is fitted with high quality brass fittings, both inside and out. The case I have also came with a high quality wooden sculpt that can be either standard or screen oriented. My case is the Screen orientation. That way it faces upright when used as a player/DM screen. The case I got also has some interior lights that tuck away when the case is close. These lights are LED and an extra set comes included with the case. I also received a custom dice bag inside the case. Of course there are lots of options that you can outfit your own case with including metal symbols, suede lining, extra lights, custom wood sculpts, etc… There are plenty of different ways to customize the case to your own liking, including different wood finishes, felt options, wood sculpts, lights, etc… You can even choose other types of wood like Black Walnut, Demon’s Blood Hickory or Abyssal Cherry. You might even go so far as to go with a dragonscale finish hide in several differnt colors and looks. There are even rune cases that are completely covered in engraved runes. Needless to say, there are tons of different options that are available to choose from for the completely customizable look that you’re going for.

With that done, I’m now going to show you my customized case and explain to you how the case works. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

First you can see the case as it would be right before opening it up. Notice the metal on the corners and the heavy duty latch on the front, as well as the awesome wood sculpt on the lid. The next picture is the opposite side where you can see the wood sculpt in better detail.

photo 1

photo 2

These next pictures show the case opened up. Notice the felt inside the bottom of the case where you’ll be rolling dice, as well as the beautiful dice bag that came along with the case. The top portion has another latch for keeping all your different items held securely inside. The second picture shows this latch unlocked and the two panels opened to reveal the colored lights on either side as well as the felt lining inside this half as well. You’ll notice the different sections for various items.

photo 3

photo 4

In this first picture, you’ll see the panels drop down to be used to hold up the lid. This makes it possible to be used as a privacy or DM screen. The lights hang over the bottom tray and light things up rather nicely as you can see. The second picture shows how the case looks set up from the other side. Notice how the image appears facing the other players. Rather intimidating, wouldn’t you say?

photo 5

photo 6

This next series of pictures shows a bit of how things look with a pencil, cards and dice in different places. Of course you can place a miniature or two inside the case as well, if you play with them in your RPG. In the last picture, you’ll see that there’s plenty of room to place dice in the lid with the lights.

photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10

As you can tell from all the pictures, the case is expertly crafted of some pretty heavy duty lumber. As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty dang sturdy. The best part is that there’s no assembly involved. Once you open the box that it comes in, you’re ready to go. Every thing from the latches, the corner pieces, even the wood itself is high quality and well made. Just looking at it, you’ll be blown away at the craftsmanship. As far as materials go, it’s a no brainer.
10 out of 10

No instructions needed, as I’ve said. You’re ready to go.

I really like how this case is made. I love using the panels to create a privacy screen. This works really well for me as a DM to hide my dice rolls with very little ease. I’ve used cardboard privacy screens that would come with some RPGs but this is a lot better looking and as mentioned earlier, intimidating for those games of Ravenloft or Call of Cthulhu. The eerie green lighting just adds to that mood as well. I love having a place for my dice as well. I don’t have to go looking for dice or wonder what I did with my dice after I’ve rolled them, as they’re right there in the bottom of the case. It’s also great to have all my gaming supplies right there handy inside the case. Don’t have to go looking for a pencil, my favorite miniatures or a deck of Tarroka cards. Everything is right there handy. Also, if I’m not DMing, then I can simply lay the case open and be able to keep everything within reach as needed. Simply put, if you play any type of role playing games, you owe it to yourself to get one of these cases. You will not be disappointed. The quality, craftsmanship and fun can not be compared to any other product on the market. It’s truly unique.
10 out of 10

The Adventure Case is a high quality gaming accessory for RPG players and DMs alike. The case is gorgeous and made of some of the best materials available. I love how great the case looks. Every piece that the case consists of is made of high quality. It holds everything that you need securely and beautifully well. There’s plenty of different ways to customize your own particular case to your liking. This is something that I can highly recommend. It’s definitely worth the money and not something that you will disappointed to own. As an avid gamer and role player, it’s a great addition to my game night accessories. It is very impressive and as I’ve mentioned earlier, a bit intimidating. Don’t be surprised if you get some envious looks in your direction. It’s a sheer delight to look at and will blow you away with the stellar craftsmanship. No need to say anything more than just, Buy It!
10 out of 10


For more information about this and other great products, please check out Dog Might Games at their site.

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