Go7Gaming 7 Wonder-001 Insert for 7 Wonders Product Review


Recently I was given the opportunity to check out a product from Go7Gaming. That product was the 7Wonder-001 Insert for 7 Wonders. I received it in a medium flat rate shipping box. Inside I found a bundle of wooden sheets shrink wrapped together. After removing the shrink wrap, it was ready to assemble.

Now then, let me explain exactly what this product is and what it does. First off, this is the insert for the game, 7 Wonders. This insert once assembled will make it possible to sort and organize all the different ages of cards as well as the many tokens that come with the game and expansions. Once completed and placed inside the box there’s plenty of room for expansion, as you’ll see. The insert looks really great and everything fits extremely well inside. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what all you get and the basic assembly of this insert. We’ll start with laying out all the different wooden sheets. Unfortunately my camera did some weird things and so not all the pictures went so well. As it is, I’ll give you what I was able to get from my build along with a few stock photos from the Go7Gaming site.


One thing of note before I begin. If you notice I never mentioned any instructions earlier. That’s because there were none included in the package. I go into this in a bit more detail a little later. Just something to be aware of for now.

Anyway, here’s the basic overview of the assembly process. First off what you’re gonna do is get some glue. Trust me, you’ll need it. I tried putting this together without it to begin with before I realized how difficult that would be. In any event, get yourself some glue. I won’t really detail when you have to glue pieces, just know that if 2 pieces are getting put together, you need to glue them. Ok, moving on. First off you need to find the A-01, B-01 and B-02 sheets. You’ll punch out all the pieces and organize them by type. It’s just easier that way.


As you’ll see, the pieces are going to make a tray.


Now you’ll place in the tray dividers, place the side pieces and attach the ends to form the tray.  Once you’ve done that, you’re gonna have to do the same thing 3 more times. What you’ll end up with is 4 trays with dividers.


Now you’re going to build the inner framework of the insert. Go ahead and punch out the remaining pieces from the sheets. You’re gonna use them now. You’ll take the center wall and insert the 2 divider rails on one side. Then you’ll place the 2 smaller walls, making sure that the smaller wall with the notch in it is on the right.


Next you’ll insert the small divider into the smaller wall on the right.  All this gets placed together onto the base plate.  From there you’ll attach the bottom wall.


Then you’ll need to place a small divider into the notch into the side of the wall. This is then attached to the right side of the base.


This process is then repeated except in the other direction. The other wall is then placed on the left side. The small dividers should line up.


Next you’ll put the top wall on.


Once that’s done, you can place the insert into the box. You will then put 2 trays on each side of the insert. Unless you really want to divide everything up, you won’t need the bottom 2 trays. Mine were empty. I simply filled the top 2 trays on either side so that I wouldn’t have to pull out more than the 2 trays. I then placed the card dividers and inserted the cards. I wound up with a few extra dividers which I placed underneath the Wonder boards which were then put into place in the box. I then put the score pads on top of the Wonder boards and had everything together inside one box. Here’s what the finished product looks like.



Normally in this section I describe all the different pieces of the game. Instead, I will describe the packaging and item itself. As I mentioned earlier, everything came in a medium flat rate shipping box. I’m very pleased with how it arrived. Everything was packaged really well with nothing out of place. The cut out pieces were easily removed from each sheet of thin wood. They were easy to determine which ones were which thanks to some labeling on each sheet. The only thing that you need to provide to put this together is some glue, maybe a bit of tape to hold everything together while it dries. Everything went together pretty easily but without glue it’s hard to keep together. Highly recommend using glue. In any event, the basic materials of this insert are really great. I have no complaints.
9 out of 10

Normally in this section I cover the rulebook of the game. Instead I’ll go over the instructions. As I mentioned earlier, there were no instructions on how to piece this insert together. There were several sheets of paper placed between the wooden sheets but no instructions. I actually had to go online to the website, find the insert and click on the build instructions to get a somewhat step by step process. Thankfully the online instructions covered everything really well. It was a bit annoying that instructions were not included and a minor inconvenience to have to pull out the computer and take the time to search for how to build the insert. In any case, since the instructions were available online I’ll not get too harsh with my rating, this time.
6 out of 10

In this section I usually give my thoughts on how the game is played. Instead I’ll explain the process of assembling the insert. Apart from having to look online for instructions, the actual assembly process wasn’t difficult at all. Everything fit together really easily. Normally with inserts and organizers the pieces are really tight and you have to do a little bit of fiddling with them to get the pieces together. Not so with this one. If anything, the pieces were a little loose, thus why I recommend using glue. Once everything was assembled, there’s plenty of room for expansions and the like. I was able to fit all the parts inside from the base game, both Leaders and Cities expansion as well as the Wonder Board pack. The cool thing for this is that it doesn’t add a whole lot of weight to it and the lid fits on perfectly. There are no bulges or other issues once placed inside the box, like I’ve found with some other inserts. The quality of the wood is really great. It’s a bit thicker than some other inserts and seems a bit more sturdy as well. There were more card dividers than I needed but I’m sure I’ll find use for them eventually. As I said before, there’s plenty of room for expansions and so this is all you’ll need for this game. I really love the insert. It looks great and keeps everything together in one box really well. It was easy to put together and quite enjoyable as well. Overall, an A+ job.
9 out of 10

The Go7Gaming 7 Wonder-001 Insert for 7 Wonders is an absolute wonder, no pun intended. Everything was super simple to put together and fit the inside of the box perfectly. It’s got plenty of room for everything available at the moment as well as having room for expansions. There is the fact that the insert came with no instructions to put it together with and that you’ll need to go online to find them. That was a bit disappointing but something that can easily be remedied. The online instructions were very easy to follow and so I’m not going to complain too hard. Even with that minor hiccup, the product is top notch and one that I’d highly recommend. If Go7Gaming has an insert for a game that you have, it’s worth your time and money to buy it. You will NOT be disappointed with your purchase. I can’t say enough good things about the product or Go7Gaming. Great people, great products. I guarantee it.
9 out of 10


For more information about this and other great products, please check out Go7Gaming at their site.


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