Feudum on Kickstarter!


Today I wanted to share with you guys an all new game that is currently available to back on Kickstarter.  The game is Feudum. The game is for 2-5 players and includes action programming, area influence, hand management and a unique economic ecosystem.  It’s already surpassed it’s funding goal and reached over $200,000 already.  Here’s a great video about the game.


With only 35 hours left to go in the campaign, now’s the time to back it.  For more information about the game and to back it, check out the Kickstarter link below.


I hope you enjoy the video and information and that you’ll think about backing the game. As always, thanks for your support and Game On!

About Gaming Bits - Jonathan Nelson

I'm a happily married man with 2 wonderful kids. I love my family very much. I'm a big fan of board, card and RPG games and have been playing for over 20 years. As a board and card game reviewer, I'm hoping that this blog will inform, educate and entertain you. If you like it, please tell your friends and have them join in on the conversations. Thanks and GAME ON!!
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2 Responses to Feudum on Kickstarter!

  1. Mark Swanson says:

    I’ve heard of this game!

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